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By Davem: To my mind that's too 'organised' & regimented an approach for Dwarves - unless in extremis. I have always seen the Dwarves as more 'Berserker' in their approach to battle - charging at their enemies & screaming their famous battle-cry.
A classic example (in tactics and in short-term
positive results) being Thorin's charge at the
Battle of Five Armies.

Of course, if they had developed plate armour sufficiently there would be no need for shields at all.
But another argument against dwarf open field
warfare could be their use of chain mail.
Even as good as mithrail mail was, it wouldn't help
with a key problem with chain mail, internal
injuries inflicted by either projectile weapons or heavy
Btw, meaning Frodo in Moria was either very lucky or hobbits
were really tough.
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