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Mith, I've pre-empted your gate-crashing...sorry. Hope you like my post...felt we had to get there otherwise we wouldn't catch anything interesting!

It's occurred to me that with a formal feast to receive us later, we Elves are going to have a pretty busy night. Also, how and when are we to be told about the feast?

I suggest that someone in the employ of the Chieftain or one of his sons should have seen us making our way to Khandr's tent, and that a messenger from the Hall (played by, say, CoD -could perhaps be Brodda himself, or even Ulfast who's close by at Dag's smithy) come to ask us Elves to the Hall...but slightly pointedly, not Khandr.

Dimturiel, I haven't forgotten our plans. Do you want to create an NPC for Tora's father, or shall I?
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