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Option 4

Just thought of this today (or was it in the middle of the night?).

(1) Find out which writers are going to be available each month for the next three months.
(2) Make a list of (A) all of our characters and (B) their writers.
(3) Have the writers who cannot be around for one or more of the coming months choose alternate writers who are authorized by the primary writers to handle their characters.

The primary writers could work out with the alternates what degree of complexity would work. For example, some alternate writers may be familiar enough with a character that they could "get in the head" of the character they are sub-writing, while others would feel comfortable at only providing action.

I intend to be around for the next three months, but if I wasn't, I could, for example, divide my characters thusly between alternates who would be around:

Jorje: Firefoot
Ĉedegard: Nurumaiel
Raefindan: Helen
Tharonwë: Formendacil
Marigold: Alak

These are just meant to be examples based on reasonaable familiarity with a type of character; the weakest choice being Formy for Tharonwe, no fault of Formy's.
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