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I was just thinking about all this in terms of who might be able to take the slack on various characters, and came up with this list. This list includes a lot of interpretation on my part, in terms of how primary, or not, a given character is. Feel free to differ with me and correct me if you feel the character you write should be placed elsewhere than where I did.

There are 23 characters here, all of which will be, and have been, written for. That's a lot of characters! They represent 11 writers, also a huge number for an rpg. How unwieldy is that?

My main point is that we have got to do this kind of delineation so that we have a sense of what's going on, because if all these characters are equal in our minds, we're carrying much more weight than we ought to be. The next questions to be asked are (1) what is the character's motivation for doing what s/he is doing in the broad sweep of the story? & (2) what is the character's purpose within the story? & (3) Which characters could leave the story with no harm to the story?

Main Characters


Mellondu/Amroth ~ Helen
Mellonin ~ Helen
Raefindan/Imrazor ~ Elempi
Aeron ~ Imladris
Ravion ~ Orual


Liornung ~ Nurumaiel
Argaleafa ~ Nurumaiel
Bellyn ~ Aylwen Dreamsong
Ædegard ~ Elempi
Gwyllian ~ Imladris
Erebemlin ~ Alaklondewen
Nethwador ~ Helen

Minor Characters


Tharonwë/Maegeleb ~ Elempi
Jorje/Tirril ~ Elempi
Taitheneb ~ Alaklondewen


Marigold ~ Elempi
Erundil ~ Orual
Mithrellas ~ Elempi

Not sure yet

Bergil ~ Formendacil
Indil/Angela ~ Feanor
Sæthryd ~ Celuien
Rugh ~ Firefoot
Avarien ~ Helen
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