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Valesseka had a moment to take in her surroundings while Eomerleo galantly rescued her from the dark horror that was the wayward way-laying band of bandits. One of the female elves had fallen in the skirmish, the one she hadn't spoken to much... Ariano? Confound it! Elves and their names! What if she needed someone's help in some ancient forest?

"I'm- I'm fine... just frightened" she whimpered some what melodramatically to Eomerleo, clentching her arm where the crude ax grazed her. Nearly about to inquire about his condition --Glamerr'o?-- the elusively named one addressed the pair: "If you two do not mind, I would like you to watch over Arianna."-- That was the elf-maid's name! Arianna!--"...while Marime, Darin and myself go around to see if any are alive for questioning."

Without another thought, or even an initial one Valesseka gave a dazed nod and stood up to move closer first to Eomerleo, and then to the elf. Running through her head was some of her basic knowledge of the medicial herbs native to Arnor... It'd do her little good here. From what she remembered King's-Foil leaf, one of the best salve ingredients to fight infection, liked the shade of trees which are 'apparently' few and far between in Rohan. "Are..." Valesseka stammered, unsure if Eomerleo could even hear her over the events nearby, "you alright, also? Thank you..."
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