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Valesseka lowered her gaze at the wincing elf below her and put a hand on her forehead. Currently she agreed with Darin. There was no need to burden themselves any further with this bandit who has accosted them without mercy when there was an injured elf and - even more importantly- Valesseka's maybe-possibly-infected-scratch on her upper arm.

"Shh, you'll be fine" Thats a lot of blood... do elves have more blood than humans do? They're taller so maybe they do have more, that would make sense, after all... "Water, right uhh... wait here, I'll get some." Standing up and scampering toward Bruinn Valesseka chastized herself for her lack of insight concerning her advice. Duh, where else is she going to go with that cavern in her stomach? Mand- No! Don't think that! Pulling the skin out from under a number of other effects, the Arnorian hurries back to the pseudo-fallen elf and pushed the drink at her. "Relax, drink. Here... it's right here..."
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