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Valesseka's eyebrows furrowed with deep concentration over the elves behavior. To some extent she was much more sympathetic to Dárin's arguement, but all the while if the fiend survived then they could have possibly gained a knowledgable ally. "It seems a little strange to me, but maybe she'll end up helping us in the end because we showed her mercy. I'm sure they've already thought of that being militarily minded and what not..."

Before them the house was reamerging from behind the cap of a hill and appeared to loom closer. Valesseka, preoccupied with memories, distantly hoped this wasn't the origin of the earlier onslaught. Subconciously she urged Bruinn to move faster rolling the situation over in her mind again until her trepidation finally overcame her: "But if she joins our party then there is a chance she'll try to sabotage our efforts. I don't think we could afford that."

The Arnorian looked up at Eomerleo "I just think we'll have to keep a very keen watch." As the two rode downhill the glass lapped higher on their horses' ankles like shallow water teased with a tame breeze. "I could be wrong though..." She wanted Eomerleo to speak his mind about the matter.
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