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"I still wonder what it is all about. Glirdan seems confident enough to send us away. Perhaps the Elves and the Dwarf are going to do something terrible to the human."

He looked at Valesseka, mock horror etched on his face. She laughed, and so did he.

"A plot to take the treasure for themselves at our expense!" she said. "No doubt they will make use of Dárin and dispose of him afterwards."

Éomeléo chuckled. His parents had always told him to be distrustful of Elves.

But they were nearing the cabin and they had to concentrate. It was a nice, homely looking place; at least it was from certain angles. In other ways it looked creepy. Smoke was coming from the chimney and two blackbirds were sitting on the roof. Valesseka was silently observing the place.

"Let's see who's inside" said Éomeléo.
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