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His kiss warmed her entire being. She gave him a weak smile and watched him walk off. Her heart thudded as she watched him walk away. She could feel her body healing, but it wasn't healing fast enough. She hated the thought that her beloved Glirdingo was worrying over her and her safety. If the wound had been anywhere else she could have road by herself. Why had she allowed herself to get distracted. That was what she couldn't understand.

Arianna had prided herself on the fact that she was a good warrior. She never got distracted in battle and was always a top contender. Yet she had been distracted in this round. Was it because she was, for the first time in their lives, fighting with her friends by her side? They had been broken up into different quests before they could fight together. Or was it because she had never seen Marieme fight? Or was she worried about her Glirdingo? She wasn't sure, but whatever it was it had laid her up. She only hoped it wouldn't take too long to heal.
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