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Some time later. . .

"Aha!" sighed Dárin as he tightened the last knot. The stretcher was really a good work of craftsmanship, and very sturdy. He looked up at the Elves. "Well, job well done, eh? Though you had to spend half the time fiddled up with that stranger and your friend." Jenfried murmered. Dárin peered disdainfully down upon her.

"In you get, outlaw! We need to catch up to Eomerleo and the other human. If we don't get to that cabin by nightfall, we shall freeze our very feet off." Heaving the stretcher toward the prisoner, he rolled her on, and with the help of the Elves, strapped her to two of their horses. The beasts seemed to whinny in annoyance at being pack animals. Even Dárin could see that they were a proud, tall kind.

So, the Gap of Rohan ahead, thought Dárin. The Fords of the Isen, the Ring of Isengard and Dol Baran. From there... I know only that it is 300 miles to the Bridge of Tharbad, if we go by the Old South Road, which would be foolish with so many bandits seemingly after us. How I wish I could be back in the Iron Mountains of my home!
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