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Dárin was fairly quiet as this was happening. He felt a tad indignant when the Elves insisted upon talking in their own language. What does it matter what this prisoner hears? She isn't going to escape, and if we are attacked, I will make sure that she doesn't get away alive... However, the Elf Arianna seemed to be defending the prisoner, of all things! She could have been killed! This is pure madness, not understandable Elven pity. How can she still feel sympathy for this vagabond?

As for the vagabond in question, she seemed to be taking it all in surprisingly readily. Her eyes darted around the room, pausing at some times at doors and windows, and always watching the speaker. She showed no signs of comprehension, however. This was good, the Elves had a sanctuary they could resort to in a desperate situation... If there was anything the outlaw could not hear.

Dárin refused to use Jenfried's name, even when thinking of her. It would mean a chink in his armour of prejudice, and could lead to a dangerous sympathy for her. He refused to let that happen.

The Dwarf stopped talking to David, and shuffled to the wall to watch the coming events.
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