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Originally Posted by Nogrod
I mean in the end the question becomes who are around and what they'd like to post on this day in the story.
My attitude toward rpg's at the Downs has evolved into, "whoever is here and posting, drives the story." It's frustrating and a waste of time to wait for people who aren't around enough to carry a Day or a scenario. So, those of us who are here and writing and have ideas for our characters, do post.

I have plans for Eodwine to throw a fit that trees are getting cut down, since the row fronting the Scarburg land are some of the only tall trees around. He might just forgive Thornden for murdering a sapling or two, but with all the stone in this stony land called the Scar and Scarburg, he will want the buildings to be built of stone, with wood only where necessary. So go haul it from wherever your characters find it.

I'm missing Lhuna! (... and here big untold secret.)

Eodwine will also sneak into the ruin with a lantern or somesuch and look for the dead bodies himself. A little ghoulish and morbid, but well, he's got a past to deal with.

And of course there's the continuing dialogue/cross-examination with Javan to write - which I haven't had time to get going on, with so much other stuff (my car died, church planning and politics have been really occupying my time, et cetera).
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