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Originally Posted by Zigūr View Post
One wonders what they are going to do with the Seventh Doctor, that is to say Rrrrrrrrradagast the Brrrrrrrrrrown, as well. Not very glorious for him to 'disappear' like he more or less does after meeting Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, is it? He can hardly declare at the end of the inevitable Dol Guldur rescue sequence: "Ooh dear me Gandalf, this has all been very frightening. I'm going to go into hiding now. See you when I see you," and scamper off, can he?
Nice observation! I didn't even think about that one.

If Radagast is such a major player when Bilbo finds the Ring, why is he so absent when Frodo goes to destroy it? Kind of like Gandalf's Anti-Nazgul flashnight not being available when he and Pip are being abused on the White Tower by the W-K.
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