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Question Peter Producing Poetic Pictures

George Lucas, famous for another set of trilogies, stated, "'s like poetry, they rhyme...every stanza kinda rhymes with the last one...". Some interpret his words to mean that there are similarities between his first Star Wars trilogy and the second 'original.' There are scenes in the first trilogy that parallel to those in the second. Also, characters and places show up in the prequel and again in the original trilogy.


Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies are very similar in that the Hobbit prequel was filmed after LotR. This timeline also allowed for scenes, places and characters to appear in both - if not identical, then nearly so.

For example, Legolas appears in both movie trilogies. Both fellowships (the 9 and the 13) do hero catwalks (you know, where they slowly and singly walk past the camera while Shore's score soars). The Ring thing. Solemn Gollum. Galadriel going all Dark mean Queen. Riders ringing walkers.

And so on. Some surely were intentional. Others may be random or just misplaced fandom.

What others did you spot?
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