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Originally Posted by Zigr View Post
What tends to frustrate me is this: every popular film or TV show or what have you has a 'big forum.' For 'Tolkien,' particularly the films, it's TORN. Other things have their own 'big forum.' And on these places there are people who can't take criticism of whatever it is, and make that very clear: critics are often "whingers" or "whiners" who can't do it themselves and therefore should be ignored. And because these people are notionally, in their very negative way, 'likers,' which is usually the gist of the 'big forum' in general, they tend to get away with it. If however someone makes a similarly truculent claim about the 'likers' (calling them "sycophants" or "fanboys," perhaps) it's considered very taboo. This isn't something I've done, if you're worried, but I've noticed the double standard. It's completely off-putting to observe an unquestioned vocal element which is silently condoned by the authority because their opinions roughly align, which nonetheless utterly stifles certain lines of discourse. I've been guilty of making unhelpful generalisations in the past, which I try these days to avoid, but I'd like to think that at least if I take issue with the film I don't feel the need to slander the people who like it, certainly not on a forum where it's supposed to be part of a conversation.

Maybe at the end of the day that's my biggest problem with these films - the certain group of "defensives" who take it all too personally, and in doing so, in a way, make it personal.
Fanboy-ism is often disgusting to observe. Someone is defending a film, or book, despite it's clear flaws. That's like small scale (and not nearly as bad) holocaust denial. For someone to ignore all the faults and praise PJ's movies as the greatest things to man, they must either be; immature, or can't understand other opinions for some strange reason.

If all the movie lovers just accepted that the films had a series of failings and mistakes, the book-crowd would surely be more accepting of them. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a not-good movie, as long as you can understand that it probably isn't the best thing ever, and it has its issues.
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