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Just been revisiting these old movie threads. Ah, the nostalgia... the sweet, long lost time of innocence.... when we naively doubted the rumours...

Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
We should start a betting pool on how many of the spoilers are real.

I'm all in on they are.
Well, congratulations! We have a winner!

Originally Posted by Aiwendil View Post
Originally Posted by Tar-Jex
Fanboy-ism is often disgusting to observe. Someone is defending a film, or book, despite it's clear flaws. That's like small scale (and not nearly as bad) holocaust denial. For someone to ignore all the faults and praise PJ's movies as the greatest things to man, they must either be; immature, or can't understand other opinions for some strange reason.
I think that comparing fans of the films to Holocaust deniers is kind of crossing a line that oughtn't be crossed. I rather dislike the Hobbit films, and I have tons of criticisms of Peter Jackson's work; I may even sometimes think that those who unabashedly love the films are less sophisticated in their tastes than I am (whatever that might mean). But I do not think they are 'disgusting', nor that they are even the least bit like Holocaust deniers. Holocaust denial is, I would say, morally culpable; to deny the Holocaust is wrong, both factually and morally. To like a movie a lot despite what other people see as serious flaws? At most, I could see an argument that that is wrong artistically, but even that is questionable on semantic and philosophical grounds.
I'm quoting this because it's still relevant, and is a point that should be made more often. Godwinisms aside, "anti-fans" who work themselves into rages at people for daring to like something they don't are just as bad as obsessed fanboys- in fact they're basically a mirror image of each other. It can be interesting to watch the hype-backlash cycle unfold- remember when the internet collectively tore strips off anyone who *didn't* praise AUJ?- but it's not good to allow oneself to get caught up in it, in either phase.
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