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The Hobbits had left Budgeford a few hours ago. Mira was up a ways with Bunny, Tansy, and Peony. Rudy was back with Brown and the stranger Michael, they had been pretty silent since leaving the inn. Actually, Rudy thought all of them had been unusually silent, or maybe it was just because he had been out of it all morning. Since the Gaffer's death, he had been re-thinking the whole idea about leaving his father at home, and allowing Mira to come on this silly adventure.

Rudy did not have anything to eat before leaving, since he over-slept. And he had been so deep in thought, his stomach finally alerted him of the fact. He stopped and reached into his bag to pull out a biscuit. He kept digging and digging, but could not find one. Rudy could not believe it, he forgot to grab some biscuits again. He saw some apples, potatoes, and some other different types of food that at the moment did not feel appetizing, even on a hungry stomach.

Now he had really fallen behind the rest of the group, even Brown was getting far ahead of him. Rudy shouted "Hold up!" and the hobbits turned to see him trying to catch up as fast as he could. "Sorry...I got hungry and was just trying to get a biscuit out of my bag, but I couldn't find any."

"We were just talking about stopping to eat." Bunny said with a smile.

The hobbits sat down and they all began searching through their bags. However, Rudy was still bummed about not having any biscuits and didn't feel like eating anything else.

Mira sat by and noticed he wasn't eating anything. "You really are not going to eat anything, because you don't have any biscuits?" Rudy just shrugged "You call me the child. Honestly! Lucky that you have a wonderful and generous sister, who knew you would not remember to get yourself biscuits and who also knew you would be a grouch all day because of it...For you."

Rudy looked up and Mira handed him a biscuit. This was the happiest he had been since leaving their house. It's strange how Rudy's mood can drastically be changed by something as simple as food. He wasted no time in giving Mira a big hug and scarfing down the biscuit. She stopped him, before he could thank her again, "I do have some more, but if I gave them to you now they would be gone before nightfall and you will get grumpy again. So, I'm going to hold on to them, for you."

Rudy was not going to object to that!

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