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Bunny sat thoughtfully on the grass and munched on an apple."What did you think of the waiter boy this morning, girls? I thought he was quite adorable." Tansy said as she grinned. Bunny nearly choked, "Well I quite agree with you there Tansy...he Was quite adorable, but seems to me like he just might have known it too. Bunny winked as she continued nibbling.

Bunny took a long look at the remaining apple core, then hucked it over her shoulder into a nearby bush. "Well if everyone is quite done, I think we should head off again and try and cover some more ground today, that poor pony looks like if it stands around anymore he may just fall over!" Bunny rose while smoothing her trademark frock and plunked her bag into the small cart behind the pony.

"I think we should just head up this road as long as we can, I think that our next big stop would be Scarry if I'm not mistaken."
Bunny wanted to pretend as long as she could that she knew where they were headed, she was dreading the day when she would be found out, being nothing more than a silly lass with a head full of adventure and not the 'fearless' leader she thought she was protraying to be.
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