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Ive just had a bit of a look around, Mister Rg, and youre right. It is empty. Not too deep into the hill either, Carl piped up, Just goes around a bit of a bend before the ceiling and walls come around and greet each other. In that dim light though, I admit I could easily have missed a hint, had one been left us. The hobbit looked again toward the entrance thinking that what he missed must have been obvious, so surprised he was at Rgs quick conclusion that the group they had come to help had simply moved on.

The cave opening was a jagged slit in the ground among the thorny plants, a mere fissure it looked, but when he had slipped through, the floor of it had fallen away sharply, spilling down into a broad slanting chamber that reached back into the hill. It had been pleasantly cool Carl had noted. In truth it would have made a nice large and dry home with a little further excavation to straighten out the floor and let more air in. But as it was, the hobbit saw that it had been occupied not long ago, and guessing by the lack of refuse, that the former residents were not likely to have been a band of orcs.

Any sign that the cave might have collapsed or been unstable? the dwarf, Vrr asked, as he drew up to them.

No, none as I could see, came the hobbits response, or feel, for that matter. Its all as solid as rock. And I caught no sign of a struggle in there either, unless its been cleaned up, of course. Carl glanced around them at the hills. But two months is a long time, and maybe the struggle was for food more than anything else. At anyrate, the more eyes the better! Chances are somethings to be found Ive missed. As Mister Rg said, tracks and clues might have been left for us to find, and Im no expert in either.

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