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It had been two days since Khamir made the ultimate decision to abandon all hope of a fellowship ever arriving and leave their temporary home in the caves. Shae disliked the slow pace, yet it did feel rejuvenating to be traveling again.

Though two months had passed since they discovered the escapees, Shae knew very few of their names. She kept herself busy hunting for food with others and sitting in her corner of the cave shaving off her sorrows with the edge of a knife. Even now as they traveled, the fifteen ex-slaves walked close together, keeping to themselves as they had for years.

“Do you regret our decision yet?” Khamir grunted as he walked beside her.
Shae did not respond, only briefly glancing at the man as she dug deeper into her thoughts. Did she regret it? No. The addition of fifty people, all varied in age and strength, may be a burden, but she could not wish them to disappear. The slave escapees reminded Shae of herself, when she was still a girl, weak and trying to find her place as she struggled behind a larger group. The escapees weren't all that different from the fifteen- all had suffered horrifying pasts and have lost loved ones. The only difference was that Shae and the fourteen others had more experience in freedom and knew how to survive on their own. In time, the fifty escapees would be just as capable.

Shae glanced up at the sun which was now directly overhead. Midday. They had already been traveling for almost six hours today. Though it felt good to be making use of her feet again, Shae couldn't help but feel as if they were making a mistake. It was something that had been weighing on her since yesterday morning. She could no longer resist asking.
Glancing back at Khamir, she asked, "What do you suppose happened to the Fellowship? Why did they never show?"
Khamir shrugged. "I guess Elessar had better things to do than worry about some silly ex-slaves."
Shae couldn't help but groan at his comment. For years, Khamir made it clear he thought little of Gondor, and as a former Gondorian herself, Shae was beginning to grow tired of it. "Look, Khamir," she said quietly. "I know you don't think much of Gondor, but I have heard many stories about the King and he is one of few men you can trust. When he wrote that letter I'm sure he had all intentions to stay true to his word."
"Then why did they never come?" The man gave her one last look before picking up his pace and walking ahead of her. Shae sighed as she watched him head towards the front of the group.

"I wouldn't dwell too much on it- it's just how he's been raised." Reagonn stepped to her side.
"You think we're making a mistake, taking off like this?" she asked him. "What if something happened to them?"
Reagonn gave a slight smile. "Well, I certainly hope not. Surely the King would form a fellowship capable of getting through Mordor." He paused for a moment before continuing. "Shae, we waited for them longer than planned and no one came. The area was no longer safe. We had no choice but to leave."
Shae nodded. She continued walking, taking in every throb in her feet. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, Shae could not shake off the feeling that their sudden departure from the caves was a terrible error.

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