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Eric came into the town meeting a little late. He lowered the hood of his green cloak and looked around. Indeed everyone was here to talk about the situation that had rocked the town. He folded his arms and listened to them speak.

What had been happening as of late highly worried him. His sisters were still young and they didn't understand threats. Though he had been trying to drill it into their heads they still went outside. He feared for their safety. He knew that their mother couldn't lose anyone else. Especially not a daughter. Eric was sure that their mother loved his sisters more than him. He looked too much like his father and since his father's death his mother had distanced herself from him.

He wanted to know what this thing was and how to stop it. For the safety of his family and their town. Too many had died already and they needed to stop whatever was doing it. He listened as they bantered about what should be done. Finally, Eric couldn't handle it any more.

"What we need is a group of our strongest and bravest men to go out and find whatever is killing everything and stop it. The more time we spend arguing about it the more this thing gets away with what it is doing," Eric pointed out.

The mayor looked up at him and gave him a hard stare. One that seemed to penetrate through Eric, but it didn't phase him. He was use to such stares from men of authority. Sometimes they didn't like his outbursts and sometimes he couldn't help but outburst. This was one of those outburst times.

"Indeed, Eric you are correct. Thank you for volunteering to be the first in the group to defend Bree," the mayor replied. Ericop ened his mouth to protest, but quickly closed it. Certainly he hadn't been volunteering himself! Well, he had been the one to think of the idea. He closed his mouth and took a deep breath.

"You are very welcome mayor. I would be glad to go with the noble men that would join me in defending our fair city," Eric replied with a clipped tone. What had he just gotten himself into?

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