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“You should go to this Town Meeting son, it will be good for you” Grumbled Robby, thinking of what his father had told him earlier that day. “Oh, your dad is right Rob” had said his mother “it won’t be long before you realize your tweens are over and you are a gentlehobbit. You can’t grow up overnight son”.

Well, how was he ever going to grow up if he kept being told what to do by his parents? As they said themselves, he was almost out of his tweens! Regardless, here he was, looking desperately for any of his friends to talk to. He did not find any of his usual friends, but instead, he saw beautiful Rose Overhill. She was Timmy’s (or rather Timothy Underhil, Robby’s best friend) cousin’s twice removed on his mother’s side, which among hobbits is close enough to be considered a “relative”. As such, she was invited to Timmy’s birthday parties, where she did an excellent job of ignoring Robby Twofoot. Not to be discouraged by such minor setbacks, Robby kept on approaching her, until she finally agreed that he was not that bad a hobbit. Yet in spite of young Twofoot’s best efforts to impress her, she only regarded him as an acquaintance.

As he slowly made his way towards her in the crowded room, the mayor of Bree started talking about this frightful menace that was haunting the farms. Robby had, as the son of a farmer himself, heard plenty about it, but he did not concern himself much with it. None of his sheep had been attacked, and so he considered himself safe, and perhaps a little lucky. Still, knowing it would not do to start a conversation while the major was speaking, he stopped walking and pretended to pay attention to what Mayor Hershman was saying. Truth was, he was still looking at Miss Overhill, hoping to catch her eye.

Mayor Hershman, meanwhile, rambled on and on about this menace, and what they would do about it. It seemed that Farmer Mugwort would lead a group of men and hobbits to find out what this monster was, and deal with it accordingly. It sounded like an adventure something that only those crazy folks from The Shire seemed bent on doing. He had heard many stories about “Mad Baggins” and his endless treasure, and then his son Frodo, along with Mayor Gamgee, had killed some sorcerer or another (personally, he always liked better the story of Master Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, two great and memorable hobbits who had fought alongside kings… and talking trees). But that was work for the Shire folk and not good , decent hobbits of Bree.

A few hands were raised, volunteers who would follow Farmer Mugwort on his search for this “menace”. And then, the unthinkable happened. Rose Overhill finally noticed him being there, and acknowledged him with a smile. Not only that, she walked over to him, and in a voice that sounded as harps playing in sweet harmony told Robby “Robby Twofoot! I did not expect to find you here. I thought you would be trampling around with your friends, too busy with your games and jests to be concerned by the troubles of others”

-“Why, of course Miss Overhill, I am no longer a lad of twenty five summers.” Answered Robby, hoping to sound more confident than how he truly felt. “As a matter of fact, I was thinking I should perhaps volunteer to join Farmer Mugwort and the others. It is time I do something other than looking after my daddy’s… that is, my father’s cattle.”

Rose seemed to be truly impressed, and so with a tingling in his stomach that may have been caused the proximity of Miss Overhill (or perhaps the fact that his father would positively disown him for being so reckless) Robby Twofoot raised his hand to catch Mayor Hershman’s eye and volunteered himself. After all, they were just going to find out what this “thing” may be… there was no reason to be worried about it, a couple of days camping under the stars and looking at what Robby expected to be some pawprints from one animal or another. No reason to be worried at all.
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