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Reminders for an RPG in play:
  • Please remove your signature from EVERY post to the RPG thread - including SAVES

  • Don't use smileys in your RPG posts or icons - e.g., etc.

  • Don't highlight any part of the RPG text.

  • Don't use the 'Reason for Editing' function on your RPG posts. If it's critical that other players know that you've changed something, then put a post on the Discussion Thread about your edit.

  • No OOC (out of character comments) on the RPG thread - use the Discussion Thread.

  • SAVES should be filled within 24 hours/48 at the latest and may be removed from the game at the discretion of the moderator.

  • Swearing, sexual conduct, or obscenity of any kind are absolutely prohibited. There are no exceptions.

    . . . I always ask myself if any of these words or euphemisms for cursing would be found in Tolkien's works. So I always say no to cursing and to any 'pseudo-cursing'. They need to keep it clean. -- per The Barrow-Wight


Will remove this once everyone has posted to the game

~*~ Pio, game moderator

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