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Madoc just sat and shook his head. This is the group thats gonna stop this...this...thing? He couldn't help but realize that the contention had obviously come from the Dwarf's comments, both on the nature of the creature as well as his attempt at ordering Toby. With a sigh he filled his pipe and lit it before drawing in a large whiff and puffing it out, staring into the smoke.

A terror of this sort was new to him, and truth be told he was scared out of his wits. After all his family was important to him, and if this menace began targeting people...He shuddered at the thought. As he gazed absentmindedly about the group, his eyes locked on to the man who was half hidden in the shadows. Madoc quickly averted his eyes and turned to the young man next to him.

"Ash isn't it?" A nod from the boy proved him right. "Lad, between you and me, I have a sneaky suspicion that this creature could be right here among us. Now dont get me wrong and all, I'm not the suspicious sort, but one has to cover all the bases."

Before the boy could reply, Madoc addressed the group. "I think Parkun is right you know, never knew a group who could think well on an empty stomach. I say we eat and try to find out what connects these attacks if anything." He was hoping someone else would agree, eating would make things less formal, and give him the time to tell his suspicion to Toby without drawing unneeded attention. Madoc inhaled from his pipe again and waited for things to play out.
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