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Grimbeorn listened to what the others had to say. He thought that Kuric was being too bold for a first meeting, well, that is, unless he isn’t a stranger. Then they’d probably have expected such talk from a dwarf. As for him, he could be considered a stranger easily. Lifting his face slightly, he listened to what the others had to say. He noticed that one of the hobbit’s looked his way, but quickly looked away. Raising his face slightly he looked again at the group which he had joined, consisting of men, hobbits, and a dwarf. I wonder what adventures this group will see…I wonder how many of the have actually faced combat before, he thought to himself.

After the mention of food, his stomach gave a small grumble. Somewhat embarrassed, he said with a slight, embarrassed laugh, “Well, I say that my stomach just gave my answer for me. Yes, let’s go somewhere to eat and try to figure out who or what is responsible for the killings.”
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