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Glad that they were going to have a change of setting, which would hopefully result in a better atmosphere within the group, but not looking forward to seeing his father, Parkun was torn. His pace was quick, though, as he believed very much in getting things over with. As Farmer Mugwort slowed while speaking with one of the other Hobbits -- Madoc something, he believed -- the young man pulled ahead of him, and soon found himself joined by the Dwarf.

Parkun glanced at Kuric quickly, hoping to not catch the Dwarf's eye, and resisted the urge to look behind him to see if Master Mugwort noticed him. Anything that went on between those two was bound to be interesting since Kuric's odd outburst regarding the leadership. Instead the strawberry-blonde's ears were drawn behind him as he heard a young voice shout about how a horse had gone missing. Then Leanora, the only woman in the group -- why there was any woman at all Parkun would wonder for some time -- explained. Ah, so it's Orin, he thought, still feeling too conscientious to turn around and look.

"I told ye, didn't I!" came a sudden outburst from Kuric. His booming voice made Parkun start, and consequently the young man's face reddened as he hoped beyond hope no one had noticed.

"Only a troll would take a horse on," the Dwarf continued, "but yer all too daft to believe me. Lad, how long ago did the horse go missin'?"

Parkun felt anger flare up inside him at the word "daft". Maybe the others could be called that -- he would concede that -- but that Dwarf was included in 'the others', and Kun was not.

And Kun didn't care when the horse went missing.

"Do trolls bother stealing horses before eating them, Master Kuric?" he asked, ignoring the Dwarf's own question but doing his best to keep any sarcasm out of his voice. He tried to sound almost interested, but he wasn't about to put on too much of a show for the crazy old fool.
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