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When they arrived at his father’s inn, Parkun dropped toward the back of the partying, so he would be one of the last to enter. He hoped that if his father was busy dealing with the others he might overlook his son. But the strawberry-blonde had little luck.

Master Felderth gave his boy a grin when he saw him enter, at which Kun dropped his eyes. And after the innkeeper had gotten the maps for Farmer Mugwort, he gave the young man’s hair a good ruffle before leaving the party be.

Parkun stared down at the table, mortified and seething with anger. He felt his face heat up and wished he could hide it, and so he did all he could and avoided eye contact with anyone. Even when Master Mugwort spoke he did not look up and did not really listen as he was too absorbed in his own embarrassment, his anger towards his father, and wondering why he was here.

I had best get more than a few pats on the head out of this, he thought. And there was no way he was splitting any of the glory or the reward with his friends, which was why they had no idea where he was at the moment. Luckily this was nothing really new.

It was a gamble and perhaps a waste of time to be a part of this little group, and it certainly meant a good bit of embarrassment for him, but still…even the embarrassment was worth it if his older brother heard and saw how his father was praising him. But if any of it was to be worth it, things still had to go well, so there was no sense in him just sitting there.

“There are a lot of woods around here,” Parkun spoke up rather quietly, only half hoping his father heard him, “and I know some of them alright, myself.” That was a bit of an exaggeration – he had played in the woods and ventured into some deeper parts of them on dares, but he could hardly navigate through any of them. “There aren’t just beasts who live in them, either,” he added off-handedly, though the statement was meant to be mysterious.
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