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Dark-Eye Sauron versus Aragorn

Maybe this is very old news, but at least for me this was very surprising news and absolutely horrifying, too. A friend informed me about the discarded idea of Peter Jackson's to have Sauron dueling Aragorn in RotK, which has been actually shot! As for example this clip proves.

Seriously, with all my hatred for Peter Jackson's treatment of the story, I have always been very... reserved. Or let's say, tolerant. I mean, yes, I consider much of what he has done twisting the story, taking it into completely different dimension which has nothing to do with the original, and all that. But at the same time I accept that his vision of Middle-Earth is just different from mine, and he is fully entitled to it. (Or would be, if he did not push it on others, but that's a completely different topic.)

But. I think I have heard many people say that PJ has "no sense for subtlety".* Valar probably saved us from the greatest proof of that by making him cut that scene. Aragorn, dueling Sauron in front of the gate... and they all had been very seriously (as it seems, since they even shot it and all, and had no backup plan for leaving it out) contemplating that? I would understand someone mentioning that when the screenplay was being written, as a possibility, which would of course be discarded... but how could it get so far as to shoot it goes beyond me. Likewise the "angelic voice"... putting aside the fact that it is absolutely uncanonical for Sauron to take on the fair form anymore (he couldn't), wouldn't it be even unfitting into PJ's own treatment of the setting? I would think so, actually. Mordor and its servants had always been grim and dark and hostile in PJ's presentation, and there was never any hint of alluring presence of some fake goodie angels. PJ's Mordor is even less of that kind, PJ's Mordor is only darkness, dark power, brute force, terror, and all that. This would be the first time ever in the movie we would see some "wannabe-goodie" on the Dark Side, and it would really seem out of place, I would think.

So what do you think? Have you seen this before? I know it would be hard for anyone to now stand up and actually defend such a scene after my initial outburst, but... if anyone feels that way, please do speak up

P.S. This of course raises a slight doubt in my mind - what is the Dol Guldur thing going to look like in The Hobbit. But hey, at least there it is justified for Sauron to have physical (or at least wannabel-physical) form. I think, however, after seeing this, that a duel is inavoidable.

I just very much hope it is Saruman dueling him (Well, canonically, it should be him, as it was "his art that drove the Enemy out".)

*(And whereas unrelated to the "Sauron versus Aragorn" thing, probably the worst thing from the whole video was to hear PJ say that in LotR, "the villain is basically just a giant eyeball". NO, HE ISN'T! THAT'S ALL YOUR DOING, SIR!!! Your villain is a giant eyeball. Not Tolkien's. /end of outburst which I just could not leave out)
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