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LMAO that entire Darth Vader thing got me.

Anyway I was absolutely HORRIFIED to learn what almost happened. I mean it made me think " Wait. Maybe he didn't read any of the books! Maybe this guy was parading as a learned fan of Middle Earth all this time..."

And its not like he didnt have any material to help build Sauron beforehand so that he needed to do that B-actionfilm sequence of Sauron VS Aragorn to show how awesome Sauron is.... they had 3 movies to do it and an entire history they could have eluded to including his fair form and his past accomplishments.

Although I think Jackson is a ham-handed semi-fan and often caught up in corny hollywood BS, I think the Hobbit will soothe my pain about LotR. All the bits so far abotu Sauron are helping acheive a sort of retroactive character build up.

But my God, I dont know if I could even consider it a Tolkien work if he went that far in f*cking it up.
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