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OS-MT-07.1: When we consider a change in the relation between Valian Year and Sun Year possibly occurred, then what would Tolkien have changed? The time that elapsed between the events recorded in the Annals or the dates of the Annals? Since we cannot say yeah or no we should act safely and skip such dates.

OS-03: Because what Tolkien did do here is exactly retelling the naming of Melkor as Morgoth. And I thought that in this case the change is unnecessary.

OS-MT-03.2: Since it is in reference to all Dwarves ‘east’ would only be true for a part of them in the new conception found in Of Dwarves and Men. In the old conception it is true for all Dwarves that their fathers awoke in the east. Therefore I think the only think that can be safely said about all the places of the awkening of the Dwarves is that they were in the north.

OS-MT-03.2: {; and few … : Sorry, I doubled the marker number! We will rename this change to OS-MT-03.5.

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