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Apologies for reopening this chapter, but in rereading the MT text about Varda and the stars, I think there it is better to break it up and insert it than to use it in its entirety later on. The first part has a section we can use here:

BoT-02.5 {Therefore Ilúvatar, at the entering in of the Valar into ...... , and the giving would be void.}
BoT-02.7 <MT {before}Before the establishment of Arda ‘the Realm’, while the Valar in general (including an unnamed host of others who never came to Arda) were labouring in the general construction of Eä (the World or Universe), Varda {was in Eldarin and Númenórean legend said to have} designed and set in their places most of the principal stars; but being (by destiny and desire) the future Queen of Arda, in which her ultimate function lay, especially as the lover and protectress of the Quendi, she was concerned not only with the great Stars in themselves, but also in their relations to Arda, and their appearance therefrom (and their effect upon the Children to come).>
When therefore at last ......
I removed the bit about "in Eldarin and Numenorean legend" because these are the legends it's discussing.
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