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BY-HL-20: 'Sauron Defeated' is a good idea, I didn't thought about that.

LA-SL-01:So you would start with 'Yet there came at length a stay in the onslaugth of Sauron upon the westlands.'? That does not strike me as a good starting sentence. I as well very much dislike to tell in short hand the story just given in full narrative.

LA-SL-02: Agreed.

LA-SL-03: Okay, I was not aware that Ernil is Sindarin for Prince. But I still think we should us the not here. I would edit it thus:
... and they welcomed his sons. LA-SL-03<Cirion and Eorl, Note 39 and The History of Galdriel and Celeborn , Note 16 {The Lord of Dol Amroth had this title. It}To a family of the Faithful the title ‘Prince’ was given {to his ancestors }by Elendil, with whom they had kinship. They {were a family of the Faithful who }had sailed from Númenor before the Downfall and had settled in the land of Belfalas, between the mouths of Ringló and Gilrain, with a stronghold upon the high promontory {of}later named Dol Amroth ({named }after the last King of Lórien). >The chief city of this southern realm was Osgiliath, ...
LA-SL-05: Agreed.

LA-SL-05.5: Agreed.

LA-SL-07: Oops. of course you are right.

The Rest later today.

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