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Glirdingo turned as Eomleo had entered. Might as well let the two travellers have their reunion, he thought, a slight smirk crossing his face. Then he turned as he heard the Dwarf, Darin, ask what they were waiting for. He was just about to respond as the door opened once again.

He turned to look at who had entered this time. In walked in the most ragged person he's ever seen. He was bald with a little moustache dressed all ragged. That can't be the caretaker, he thought. But as soon as the man saw him, he started walking towards him. He walked upright with no slouch. "Hello, I am Thin-Gloomy's caretaker. Would you be Glirdingo?"

Glirdingo gasped in shock. "Uh, umm, yes. But how did you_"

"Thin-Gloomy left a description of all his fellow questers. And, as you see, I am not in the cretaking buisness for the money. Now, would all these lovely people be those who will be aiding you in this quest?"

Glirdingo was silent, taken aback by the bluntness of this fellow standing in front of him. Then he snapped back into reality. "Uh, yes they are. Before you seat yourself, I shall introduce you to everyone."

He led the caretaker around the small gathering and introduced him to everyone. Once he was done, he went back to the table were Arianna, Marieme and Darin were still sitting. "Excuse me everyone," he said, trying to call attention to the group, but the chatting continued. "EXCUSE ME EVERYONE!!!" he yelled. The barman looked over at him agitatedly with a mingle of shock on his face. "Oh! I'm sorry my good fellow," Glirdingo apologised quite embarassed at the ferrocity in his tone.

He looked back around the crowd. Everyone was looking at him. "Um, ah, yes. Shall we begin?"

He looked at the caretaker and nodded for him to begin. "The reason why some of you have been summoned, or why you have volunteered (and I thank you deeply for your aid in this), is because the winner of the Golden Hoard has been kidnapped," he said flatly in his deep, monotone voice. "He was kidnapped on his way to the Hoard itself to claim the treasure. All of his aids, with the exception of one, were killed. The one who lived made it back to me and informed me. I took action immeadiately and sent the letters out. They're headed for Tharbad. I believe that's where the gang's hideout is. Are there any questions?"
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