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Éomeléo looked at Glirdingo, even now slightly awestruck by the magnificence of the Elves. He didn't hesitate to share his concerns with a fellow Hoard-seeker, though. "My friend, I am concerned by all this. I had expected a larger gathering. How can we be confident in rescuing Thin-Gloomy when we have so few warriors among us? This quest could be more dangerous than we have wanted to believe. Yes, we sought adventure last year; but we go now to challenge criminals, ruffians, bandits. Does anyone here really know what they're getting themselves into?"

Glirdingo pondered the thought, and as there was a silence between the two, the Dwarf Dárin asked whether Éomeléo would ride with him on the quest.

"Of course we will journey together! I would jump at the chance to speak at length with a Dwarf, never having spoke with one other than Thin-Gloomy — and even then not too much at all."

"But I presume, of course, that we will not be broken up into factions yet. As you may have noticed there is someone else here with whom I need to speak; and I would have us all ride together. We will see what the caretaker suggests. Now let us go to the stables."

And with that, the Inn was emptied of the brave adventurers.
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