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Why, I'm talking about Thingol, since it's neither Turin nor Nienor, and my namesake unfortunately died at the age of three.

But if you want to play further, I'd say Melian, since her dear dead husband WAS known as 'Grey cloak'. As for confidence bit, those were her sharp words to my dearest brother. And the 'gold' bit, could refer to... *smirks*

Gotta you! It IS Melian! I finally realised what the gold and the truth refer to! The 'inferior' and 'gold' and 'truth' all revolve around MY family!

Okay,so Melian looked upon Hurin and she was the one who GIVE the truth, not the one who RECEIVED it.

*laughs* Stumper...
I'll defend Lalaith by any means!
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