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Entertainment Part 1

Interview with host Vala Seacrest - A Downer's Exclusive
By Glirdan Tirithedain

I wasable to catch up with the host from the hit series Middle-Earth Idol and was quite pleased to answer my questions.

Glirdan - Hello Vala! How are you today?

Vala - Fine, fine. Now, what do you want?

G - I just have a few questions for you about Middle-Earth Idol. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

V - Alright fine.

G - Okay, first question. What are your thoughts on the remaining contestants?

V - I like them all. Obviously every single one of them is creative and witty, but have great personalities. I can't really say which one I think will do the best... but I really don't know who will win out of the, well, now five remaining.

G - What are your thoughts on how the competition is going?

V - Oh, I think it's doing pretty well. It isn't rapid, which is why lots of people dropped out. It takes a lot of time, but we're talking about being the next big thing!

G - This is true. My next question is what is it like working with the judges?

V - It's... it's hard, actually. Sleepy Cowell keeps making fun of my noble DJing career, and I don't think Wilwa has noticed that I co-ordinate my outfit to hers each time we're on air. I guess my major thing about Glirdy is that he always has to say everything three times. It's so... so... so...- You know?

G - That's why I'm glad to be a newpaper reporter! *Laughs heartily which dies quickly as Vala looks at him with annoyance* Do you have a favorite of the competition?

V - I -did-. Probably because it was so easy to make puns about him, but also because of his zaniness. I was the original pan-fan.

G - I too was quite sad to see the man with pans leave. He was such an entertainer. My next question is would you do this again if the series continued next year?

V - I'm not sure... the DJ career has really picked up for me, and I've got gigs booked from Buckland to Aldberg, and we're talking to someone from Minas Tirith records about a possible compolation album I might be working on. It's hard to say.

G - I see. Now, my final question. Is it true that you have a lazy eye?

V - My-my eye? No! Of course it isn't lazy... it... it's just not motivated! Who have you been talking to?!
At that point, I had to run as fast as I could because Vala started chasing me with a broom and was going to beat me over the head with it.

Watch out next week as I try and grab an interview with the sweetest (and possibly most drunk) judge of the competition.
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