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Boots A new example of Morgoth's evil influence?

I came across an interesting website about a company called Melko:

This is what the company says about itself:


In a city where winter can seem twice as long as summer, there is one name that can be relied on to bring a sense of warmth and colour all year round.

The name is Melko – Made in Brazil.

Melko is an Australian company established in 2004 that is strongly connected with South America & Brazil.

We are a design-focused company that strives to bring the fun, creative & unique fashion of South America to the streets of Melbourne.

We have recently been elected as one of Melbourne’s 25 best shopping secrets by the Herald Sun and were celebrated for injecting colour into Melbourne’s fashion scene in The Age.

With a mixture of personal heritage and a passion for the Brazilian way of life, founders Guido and Amy Melo created Melko to share the vibrancy of South America with the Australian public.

Working closely with a number of Brazilian designers, Melko offers a number of bright and colourful pieces that are mostly exclusive to their stores within Australia and New Zealand.

Having conducted extensive research and regular visits to Brazilian trade shows both Guido and Amy take pride in seeking out designs that are often handmade and sustainable.

They have worked with a range of designers including small families, recent university graduates and major designers like Totem, Colcci, Plural Clothing & Graciela Naum.

As a Company that is committed to meeting and connecting with each designer whose work is showcased, Melko ensures the delivery of authentic Brazilian and South American fashion to the Australian public.

I hope they are who they say they are, and not a new example of Morgoth's evil influence!
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