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Leaf The Lammas / Dangweth Pengolodh

This thread will be slightly different. I am going to start to post the Lammas, whose form I have discussed in the Outline thread. Since the original work by that name is extremely outdated, and we have better more recent equivalents, I have (at the advice of gondowe and my own intuition) used those and compiled them into a collection. Later in Life Tolkien referred to the Lammas many times as an in-universe document by Pengolodh, and the essay 'Quendi and the Eldar' is described as a summary of parts of it. This is the same case as the Osanwe-kenta, as well as the Tengwesta Quenderinwa. Therefore I have given many of these works as 'chapters' under the overall heading of 'The Lammas.' In this thread I will post the intro to the overall work as well as the first 'chapter,' the Dangweth Pengolodh. Thus, this is the first draft of the work Dangweth Pengolodh as well as the introductory material for The Lammas.

Our basis text is that of "The Lammas" given in HoME V, and "Dangweth Pengolodh" given in HoME XII. Wherever the text is different from HoME V/XII, this is marked by an editing mark.

The markings are:
LH-xx for tracking any changes to the intro text for the Lammas.
DP-xx for tracking any changes to the text for the Dan. Pen.

Some conventions of my writing:
Normal Text is from the basic text that is mentioned above (when I change the basic-Text it will be mentioned)
Bold Text = source information, comments and remarks
{example} = text that should be deleted
[example] = normalised text, normally only used for general changes
<source example> = additions with source information
...... = This section of the paragraph is unchanged from the source.


This is the 'Account of Tongues' which {Pengolod}[Pengolodh] of Gondolin wrote in later days in LH-02{Tol-eressea}[Eriador], using the work of Rśmil the sage of {Tun}[Tirion]. LH-03 {This account AElfwine saw when he came into the West.}
LH-01: This is a change from the early spelling to the later spelling.

LH-02: In Quendi and the Eldar we have a footnote saying that Pengolodh wrote the Lammas in Eriador in the Second Age.

LH-03: Removed a reference to Aelfwine.

The Answer of {Pengološ}[Pengolodh]
To DP-01 {AElfwine}[those] who asked him how came it that the tongues of the Elves changed and were sundered

Now you question me DP-02 {, AElfwine,} concerning the tongues ... in all their kindreds. But behold! DP-03 {AElfwine,} within Eä all things change, .... that is he whom we call Manwė.
Now, verily, a great tree may outlive .... tongues and received by ears?
It hath been said by some among .... but I say to you DP-04 {, AElfwine,} that even were your memory .... your youth you spake an alien tongue.
For Men change both their old .... patterned raiment of sound.
But to the changefulness .... raiment or in speech.
A man may indeed change .... arts and the most beloved.
Wherefore DP-05 {, AElfwine,} I say to you: ..... and there nor only in one corner.
And lo! DP-06 {AElfwine,} these .... But in all this maybe they err DP-07 {, AElfwine,} for despite all their lore least of all things do they know the minds of Men or understand them.
And to speak of memory DP-08 {, AElfwine}: with regard .... and the sapling are hidden in the tree.
Wherefore DP-09 {, AElfwine,} if thou wilt consider ..... tongue of those that founded it of old.
In this last point also our kindreds ..... And so still it goes in Middle-earth.
DP-10 Yet long since {, AElfwine,} the fashion of the World was changed; and DP-11 {we}[those] that dwell now in the Ancient West are removed from the circles of the World, and in memory is the greater part of {our}[their] being: so that now {we}[they] preserve rather than make anew. Wherefore, though .... in the wars of Beleriand, when the Sun was young.

Sin Quentė Quengoldo
(Thus spoke {Pengološ}[Pengolodh])
DP-01 through DP-10: Removed references to AElfwine.

DP-011: This stems from the note in Quendi and the Eldar that he wrote the Lammas in Eriador, and since we are removed Aelfwine from the transmission, we must include this under the Lammas, as it works well as a kind of preface to the whole work. To do that we must edit this part so that he speaks as someone living in Eriador.

This first part is short and straightforward, but the next part is long and dense, so this can act as a nice warm up.

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