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The corect guesses are noted below:

(1) Glirhuin (A harping seer of Brethil, last seen hurling a sad prophecy.)
(2) OndolindŽ (City that played the Stonesí hits.)
(3) Bergil (Young star of Gondor, or a confused pet rodent?)
(4) From Edith to Priscilla. <--
(5) Idril ((She was) gold on top, silver on the bottom.)
(6) Naith (Fair land between two rivers, did Peregrin visit here when muddled?)
(7) Withywindle (It flows from . . . here.)
(8) Amon SŻl (Soul man with a broken crown, figuratively. Lightning was spotted there.)
(9) Rķmil (Scholar, linguist, poet of the Elder Days. But he didnít smoke a pipe.
(10) Sarn Gebir (One needs to be a porter to pass here.)


(4) One of Tolkien's "works", sort of.

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