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Sting 6 Degrees of Separation

I am reviving an old topic originally posted by the BarrowWright.

Here are his rules:
This one might be stupid ...we'll see ... but it was inspired by the Kevin Bacon game (if you don't know it, it doesn't matter).

The rules are:
Two names are given. You must trace a connection from the first name, through various other names, to the second name. When tracing from one name to another there must have been interaction or implied interaction in the novels between the two charcters. Also, a link can me made between names if the two characters are immediately related to each other (child, parent, spouse).

Example 1:
Frodo -- Grishnakh
The answer would be:
Frodo -- Pippin (or Merry) -- Grishnakh
direct interection in all links

Frodo -- Mauhur
The answer would be:
Frodo -- Pippin (or Merry) -- Ugluk --- Mauhur
direct -- dirrect -- direct -- indirect

Example 3:
Legolas -- Bard
The answer would be:
Legolas -- Thranduil -- Bard
related -- direct intereaction

OK... with all this in mind, I'm going to ask the first question in a reply to this message. Remember... to trace from a name to a name they must have interacted, most likely interacted, or be related to each other.

NOTE: There may be more than one answer. When creating a puzzle, try to make it so there is only one way to trace between the two names. This will be tricky.

ANOTHER NOTE: Someone like Eru is not a valid link unless we are linking Valar or something. And then Eru wouldn't be necessary since the Valar all knew each other well.

YET ANOTHER NOTE: Ask for a maximum number of links to trace the difference between two characters. For instance, in the Frodo to Mauhur example you would have to figure it out using no more than 3 links. See 6 degrees of Middle-Earth - #2 for the first question limiting the number of links that can be used.
Extra Note: Try not to use Gandalf, Saurman,or Sauron if it can be helped. These people have a link to just about everybody.

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