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Ring Another movie prediction!

<BR>I've got another prediction about the Movies. I'll (seriously) bet that these movies will cause a lot of 60's era people (and 70's) who were really into LotR (and many other &quot;interesting&quot; things as well!), but who haven't read them for years (for one reason or another), to blow the dust off, and go through the books again. In fact, I'll bet that not a few might pop into visit us on this site (In which case I know they'll be warmly welcomed).<br> The reason I think this is more than just a remote possibility is one, for the fact that these movies are going to be huge, and two, because from what I've read and heard in other places, hundreds of thousands of people in the 60's and 70's &quot;got into&quot; LotR (Some even TOO deep! They were spray painting &quot;Frodo lives!&quot; in the subways, etc...).<br> Draggonklaw (fka Eledhgil) <p></p>
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