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TTT sequence list

Here are the 'sequences' that we will be reviewing in the coming months for Peter Jackson's The Two Towers. A new thread for each scene or set of scenes, as listed below and as found in the menu of the Extended Edition of the DVDs, will be posted each Wednesday.

Note that The Two Towers movie script is found here.

The sequence list:

LotR2-TTT-Seq01 - The Foundations of Stone, Elven Rope, The Taming of Sméagol

LotR2-TTT-Seq02 - The Uruk-hai, The Three Hunters

LotR2-TTT-Seq03 - The Burning of the Westfold, Massacre at the Fords of Isen, The Banishment of Éomer

LotR2-TTT-Seq04 - On the Trail of the Uruk-hai, Night Camp at Fangorn, The Riders of Rohan

LotR2-TTT-Seq05 - The Fate of Merry and Pippin, Treebeard

LotR2-TTT-Seq06 - The Passage of the Marshes, The White Rider

LotR2-TTT-Seq07 - The Song of the Entwives, The Heir of Numenor

LotR2-TTT-Seq08 - The Black Gate is Closed, Ent Draft

LotR2-TTT-Seq09 - The King of the Golden Hall, The Funeral of Theodred, Simbelmyne on the Burial Mounds, The King's Decision

LotR2-TTT-Seq10 - Brego, The Ring of Barahir, A Daughter of Kings, Exodus from Edoras

LotR2-TTT-Seq11- The Forests of Ithilien, Gollum and Sméagol, Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbits

LotR2-TTT-Seq12 - Dwarf Women, One of the Dunedain, The Evenstar

LotR2-TTT-Seq13 - The Wolves of Isengard, Helm's Deep, Isengard Unleashed

LotR2-TTT-Seq14 - The Grace of the Valar, Arwen's Fate

LotR2-TTT-Seq15 - The Story Foreseen from Lorien

LotR2-TTT-Seq16 - The Window on the West, Sons of the Steward, The Forbidden Pool

LotR2-TTT-Seq17 - Aragorn's Return, Entmoot, The Glittering Caves

LotR2-TTT-Seq18 - "Where is the Horse and the Rider?, "Don't Be Hasty, Master Meriadoc!"

LotR2-TTT-Seq19 - The Host of the Eldar, The Battle of the Hornburg, Old Entish

LotR2-TTT-Seq20 - The Breach in the Deeping Wall, The Entmoot Decides, The Retreat from the Hornburg

LotR2-TTT-Seq21 - Master Peregrin's Plan, Osgiliath, The Last March of the Ents

LotR2-TTT-Seq22 - The Nazgul Attack, Forth Eorlingas, The Flooding of Isengard

LotR2-TTT-Seq23 - The Tales that really Mattered...

LotR2-TTT-Seq24 - Fangorn Comes to Helm's Deep, The Final Tally, Flotsam and Jetsam

LotR2-TTT-Seq25 - Farewell to Faramir, "The Battle for Middle-earth is About to Begin", Gollum's Plan

The Two Towers presents a challenge as we have three concurrent story lines to follow. In order to keep the PJ sequencing yet not have 66 short or 15 large sequences, some will combine two or more story lines. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the set of sequences.
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