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What is the name of the tree like creature whom Merry and Pippin come across in LOTR? Its a long time since I've read the book and it has slipped out of my mind.
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Why, Treebeard of course! He is (in the common tongue) an Ent. The Ents were created by Yavanna (one of the Gods) at the same time as the Dwarves, with their partners the Entwives. Their purpose was to guard the forests against hungry dwarven and human axes. However, by the Third Age, the Entwives had been lost, presumably burned by Sauron in the battles against the Last Alliance, and the Ents were an ancient, doomed race. They resided in Fangorn, an ancient forest that once covered all Eriador.

The Ents were traditionally neutral, never fighting in the 'Great Wars' unless their homes were particularly threatened. They were around ten foot tall by my memory and often resembled their favourite trees. They did, however, have tremendous strength when 'roused', and could have an unbelieveable command over rock which broke beneath their fury.

Ents were long-winded, using parts of the Elvish language, who in the beginning taught the Ents to speak. Treebeard stated that his true name was 'growing longer', because Ents described everything in great length. They believed that names should be a story of one's history. Thus they did not speak unless there was something 'worth taking a long time to say'.

Huorns from the depths of ancient Fangorn, were different. They were a bit like trees inhabited by spirits, which came in great numbers and held no alliegance save hating all orcs/evil beasties/anything with an axe. It was difficult to "see them moving", but move they did, "cloaked in shadow". They are mostly a mystery and are not shown in the movies.

Here's the Wikipedia article on Ents.

Here's the part on Treebeard.

And there's also the Encyclopaedia of Arda which you can find many easy references from Tolkien's work, though most are incomplete.

Dost that quench thy thirst?

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