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“So how do you like that?” Léof asked Æthel as Erbrand left the stable area. “A new saddle just for us, and none too shabby either!” He set it down over a post nearby; he would not saddle her until he was ready to ride later on. “And a race today as well! Up for it?” Walking around her head he tugged her forelock affectionately. “Of course you are.” He led her to one of the few stalls that had been set up; most of the horses stayed in the paddock areas most of the time, but when a horse’s use was requested he would often catch that horse, brush him up, and put him away in a stall so that he would not have to be rounded up later.

Just as he was finishing up, he noticed Rowenna approaching, rather to his surprise. Rowenna had no horse and was therefore an infrequent visitor to the stables. This logically resulted in Léof rarely having need or opportunity to talk to her. “Good morning, Rowenna,” he said. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, actually,” she said. “I wish to ride in the horse race today, and for that I need a horse.”

Léof only halfway managed to constrain a wince. “Well, let me think,” he said. There were a couple of horses that Rowenna could ride that belonged to the Hall rather than to individual riders, but while they were sturdy and stout of heart, neither was particularly fleet of foot. Even if Léof had the coin and inclination to bet, the competition would have to be poor indeed for him to put money on either of them. But how to tell this to Rowenna? Perhaps he could get her to choose for herself. “Well,” he repeated, “most of the horses here are owned by the people in the hall, like Eodwine’s Flíthaf or Erbrand’s Traveller, and you’d need permission I can’t give you to ride them. There are two other horses, though, that anyone could ride because they belong to the Hall. I could point them out to you, and if you like one of them you could ride it in the race.”
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