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Sting To those with....

.......doubts I'd say go and give it a shot, it can't hurt. I was dead against it at first but over time I chilled out a bit and have seen it twice now.<P>Overall it is a cinematic masterpiece. It will change the way films are made, purely because of its epic nature and the way it is shot and directed, nothing to do with Tolkien. <P>There are some very dodgy areas from a Tolkien viewpoint but I found splitting it up into its respective sections and rating them helps as you end up with more good than bad.<P>Don't read ahead if you haven't seen it as it may spoil it!!!<P>Opening scene where Isildur cuts the Ring from Sauron:<P>Fantastic and what a start to a film. An amazing battle ensues and then Sauron appears. Sauron was dealt with well and was extremely tough. Was swinging a mace and hitting 20 soldiers at once. Was quite amazing to watch. Then Isildur cuts the Ring from Sauron and all of his forces waste away to nothing. Visually epic.<P>Marks out of ten:<P>True to Tolkien - ??<BR>Cinematic experience - 10+<P>The Shire:<P>This was a wonderous part of the film. The hobbits and the Shire are excellently realised. Gandalf's love of the Shire and the hobbits (Frodo and Bilbo) is really touching and the relationship between Frodo and Bilbo is great. Frodo greeting Gandalf as he rides into Hobbiton brought tears to my eyes. You also meet Rosie. The scene between Bilbo and Gandalf before he leaves was straight from the book. <P>True to Tolkien - 10<BR>Cinematic experience - 10<P>Gandalf and Saruman:<P>Nothing like the book but a great fight scene all the same. I Could really feel some of those blows.<P>True to Tolkien - 2<BR>Cinematic experience - 9<P>Journey to Bree:<P>This was one of the parts that was scaled down. No Tom or Maggot although you do hear Maggots voice. Great scene where the hobbits hide from the Ringwraith.<P>True to Tolkien - 4<BR>Cinematic experience - 7<P>The Prancing Pony:<P>One of the areas that disappoints. Hardly any Barliman and the introduction of Strider seemed rushed. Some good scenes with the Ringwraiths though. Some good acting also from Vigo.<P>True to Tolkien - 6<BR>Cinematic experience - 7<P>Weathertop:<P>Truly great. Nice scenery and the view of the Ringwraiths that Frodo gets with the Ring on is awesome. Strider fighting them off was overdone to jazz it up but a great scene none the less.<P>True to Tolkien - 7<BR>Cinematic experience - 9<P>Journey from Bree to the Ford:<P>Sadly a disappointment. It was rushed and you didn't really see the relationship between Aragorn and the hobbits build enough. Seeing Frodo sick from the knife wound was really scary though and very well done. Liv didn't really spoil it at all. The fact that she was there was annoying but she did well. A great chase scene with Arwen carrying Frodo on horseback but Tolkien purists may have a fit at this bit. Ultimately they failed in showing how Aragorn comes to care for the hobbits and vice versa. There are a couple of nice scenes of friendship but thats about it. Almost forgot to mention the Ford, nicely done although Arwen commands the wave in the film, not Elrond.<P>True to Tolkien - 2<BR>Cinematic experience - 8<P>Rivendell:<P>Oh woe is me. This was truely awful. It looked nice and some of the performances were great but one thing ruined it, Elrond. Elrond has suddenly lost his wise and intelligent ways and become a racist bigot. They portayed the fellow as a complete idiot and I was truely shocked. You cannot imagine him saying any of the things he said to Gandalf. The Council was also poor and fairly rushed. A fight breaks out between the Elves and Dwarves but it was given no build up. Only Sean Bean as Boromir saves it with some good acting. To top it all off Elrond at the end says "And you nine shall be known as the fellowship of the ring" in a most unconvincing and cheesy manor. There is also no talk of the reforging of Anduril. This seems to have been completely overlooked. Only Frodo and Bilbo's relationship holds this part together.<P>True to Tolkien - 1<BR>Cinematic experience - 5<P>Journey to Moria and Caradhras:<P>Again quite short but well acted and played out. Nice Watcher in the Water I thought. Boromirs words when he is holding the Ring are very good but obviousley not part of the book. Needed though I think to give people the feel of how he is lusting after it. Moria gate was also nicely done.<P>True to Tolkien - 6<BR>Cinematic experience - 8<P>Moria:<P>Truely wonderous. It was Moria. The fight with the orcs and cave troll were sublime and the escape and finally the Balrog were amazing. We could all argue about what the Balrog should look like but who cares, the Moria part of the film was superb. Gandalf's fall brought a lump to my throat. Some great acting here, the only time sadly where you see Aragorns and Gandalfs friendship given some well needed attention. We got a glimpse of Gollum as well, looking good.<P>True to Tolkien - 9+<BR>Cinematic experience - 10+<P>Lothlorien:<P>Again, sadly awful. There is nothing I can say here for the good. All I will say is that for some unknown reason, Galadriel, that woman who is thousands of years old and counted as one of the most wise is reduced to a bumbling, skittish schoolgirl. Either Cate Blanchett didn't have a clue or it was poor directing by Jackson. Highlight of Lothlorien, the amazingly camp Haldir, made me bellow with laughter. There was one good scene between Boromir and Aragorn.<P>True to Tolkien - 2<BR>Cinematic experience - 4<P>The journey by boat and the breaking:<P>A very great part of the film. The boat journey was pretty unspectacular apart from the Pillars of the Kings. The breaking was dealt with very well. Sarumans Uruk-Hai were awesome and the fight scenes were truly great. Frodo and Boromir's face off was well done and Boromir's death was absolutely brilliant and touching, brought a few tears to my eyes. A great scene between Aragorn and Boromir again as he dies. Frodo and Sam leaving didn't quite have the impact I thought it would, it was ok but I expected to be knee deep in tears but I wasn't. The breaking was done differently. Frodo bumped into Aragorn as he was trying to leave and Aragorn let him go, he guessed what Frodo was going to do. Nice scene between the two. Aragorn apparently uncorncerned faces off against a horde of Urak-Hai alone to let Frodo escape. Great bit of acting that, looked as tough and cool as you imagine him to be.<P>The fellowship was well played. Ian McKellan was simply brilliant as Gandalf and all of the others were great. Seems Legolas was a favourite amongst the people I went with. Gimli only was a slight let down, over played I thought. Some very funny moments as well, mostly with Merry and Pippin who were great. I cannot understand what Jackson thought he was doing with Elrond and Galadriel though. All I can think of was that it was so hard to portray them that he got it completely wrong. <P>The biggest disappointment was the lack of build-up in the relationships between the fellowship. At times they seemed strangers to one another and not close at all although there were moments when it was quite touching. Overall time was against them and their relationships just didn't grow as well as they might.<P>Those who said it was not possible to portray the book in film were right to a degree. There are parts missing and some liberties have been taken to appeal to a wider audience but it is a fantastic film (if you view it as a film only and not compare everything to the book). There also seems more good in there than bad from a Tolkien aspect I think. It could have been oh so much worse.<p>[ December 24, 2001: Message edited by: Quellesir ]
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I like people who agree with me. * at Kate*<P>Welcome, Quellesir, and good post!<P>-réd
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well i enoyed reading that, and gives me opinions on how other people feel... Because my friends felt about the same as i did.
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