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Well, it looks like I won't have to look at Lommy's posting toDay after all...

A few thoughts:
1. The Zil vote seems a bit worryingly sudden.
2. However, I also think the early spreading out of the vote needs to be looked at more closely.
3. Let's have the Dead Thread discussion now, please.
4. On the topic of the Dead Thread, over the course of the Night, my suspicion of Nogroddue to his dismissal of the Dead Thread plan has returned. Not specifically his disagreement, but rather his attempt to discredit and derail it without offering any proper alternative (sure, it may be the case that the Dead should be the ones telling the Living what to do, but the Living are still the ones with the power of lynching, and they still need to be communicated with). For example, last Night, instead of either voting for himself (and being revealed) or not (thereby being found out), a B]Boro[/B]-wolf could now potentially try to justify not cooperating (in this case, cooperating being voting for himself for the Night reveal). I find it hard to believe that this possibility would not have occurred to Nog, which makes me suspect him.

Ok, it's very late and I'm very tired, so going to sleep now. I hope to wake up to some good discussion, village!
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