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Tolkien If we were to do a television/radio adaptation...

If we were to do a television/radio adaptation of The Lord of the Rings...
A. How would you do it? Would have it as a radio adaptation or a television adaptation?
B. How many episodes do you think will be required?
C. What would you include and what would you cut out?
These and other things besides...
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas on this subject.
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I have always thought that the best way to to adapt The Lord of the Rings to television or indeed any type of visual medium would be to do it like a BBC miniseries/serial: longer episodes and shorter series than a conventional TV show. The six books would split nicely into six episodes, each at about 1.5 to even 2 hours.

To retain the essence of the book as much as possible, I don't think I'd leave any characters, subplots etc. on the cutting room floor - but I would definitely condense or change the pacing of some parts of the story (such as the interlude with Bombadil) that I feel are unsuited, pace-wise, to such a medium.
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