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Pervinca Took
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I nearly said Tirith! But I had started looking for a connecting theme, or a wiggly password.

Can you explain the wordsmith part of ithil? Is it to do with ithildin being used for writing?

Is H Halls of Mandos, or is that too close to Squatter's guess?

... or is the Helcarexe narrow enough that one would have to enter it alone?

I found TALIEN as another word for flets, used as guard posts in Lothlorien, but I can't make the cryptic bits work with it.
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Blossom of Dwimordene
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Ithil is hidden in the words of the clue, wordsmITH ILlustrates.

Cannot say yes to any of the guesses so far. This is where it becomes challenging with respect to the theme. I would recommend forgetting about Minas Tirith and approaching the clues without the geographic and temporal connnection in mind.

EDIT: Reposting on this page.

1. TINUVIEL Remove bonds, live briefly and eccentrically, like a bird.
2. ITHIL Wordsmith illustrates concealed silver flower.
3. RATH DINEN Eater switches direction after pointless anger in the street.
4. IORETH The riot is short and disordered: too much talk slows down progress.
5. T Guardpost seems to charge tax in popular game.
6. H You go in solo, but usually travel in company.
- These taxes, they are like sacrifices to tribal gods?
- Well, roughly speaking, but paying taxes is more painful.
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