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Rune Son of Bjarne
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If it has nothing to do with tea, then I am afraid that I cannot see the importance of your errand!” Frej snaped. He had thought that him and Lola was the only one in the vicinity and now it he had learned that this little ghastly looking kid had watched him in his despair. Frej had felt a immediate feeling of sickness when the youngster entered and did not like what he saw. Save for the hair on the kids head, he did have great hair. In fact Frej wished his hair looked more like Dracomir's. . . the hair had a strange drawing effect to Frej.

ehm you got something in your hair” Frej said in a very strange tone. He then ran his fingers through Dracomir’s hair, even though he knew such an action could cost him his life in a place like Mordor.

Then slowly barely whispering he started to recite a song from his childhood days.

I got hair in my ears
I got hair in my nose
I got hair on my back
And between my toes
When the time comes & my hairwash is due
I'm gonna use one ton of shampoo
But don't give me those sentimental eyes
Coz I'm proud & my hair is nice

It's not fair when people they stare
I love the colors I wear
I wont cut my hair
I wont cut my hair
Oh no, I wont cut my hair
Coz I'm proud of my hair

The song was suddenly changed to a small yell of pain from Frej.
He had just managed to hear Dracomir utter some words and then he immediately felt a sharp pain in the hand that had been touching Dracomir’s hair.

Anyway” Frej continued, trying to sound important. “My name is Frej and I am a spy of Mordor!” not getting any sign of recognition from Dracomir, he continued. “and I was just consulting mrs. Ehmm. . . What is your name, mrs?

Lola looked upon the two males and if a look could make a man melt, this would have been it. “I am Lola” she said with a smile that in some strange way radiated innocence and the complete opposite at the same time.

Frej continued the conversation with Dracomir “I was just consulting mrs. Lola about the location of Alli; as it is imperative that I get to see her at once! Of course I could not expect you to understand!” the last part of the sentence was uttered in the most condescending way ever imaginable. . “but if you have any information that might be of use to me, I would suggest that you give it to me
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Aimé yelped; Alli shuddered; the rain started to drizzle down.

"Quite the coincidence that a wolf should be lurking exactly where we're hiding" said Alli. "It's almost as if, out of all the millions of places to hide in the world, and the millions of places that the wolves won't be able to search tonight, we just so happened to find them, thus assuring tension-filled escapades."

"Not necessarily so, my dear" countered Aimé. "I suspect the only tension we will suffer tonight is....uh, nevermind. Look. No-one knows we're in the graveyard. We even slyly implied — to any eavesdroppers — that we would be going somewhere else. We're, like, total master deceivers." He chuckled manically.

Alli agreed that Aimé made a good point, and accepted that whatever the source of that howl, it probably wasn't a werewolf of any sort — let alone the werewolf that was after Alli.

"It was probably just a hyena" offered Aimé. "There are many hyenas in Mordor. Did you know that the Orcs are blaming them for taking their jobs? It's mad."

Alli nodded thoughtfully, and almost fell over. The howl resonated once more.
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Anakron watched Panakeia disappear into the crowd leaving for White-all.

Blast this ridiculous konveyance, he thought.

It's not about you. Now, that was a pleasant thought. Just one problem: it came from a Panakeia he didn't like much at all. But of course that was because of the confounded Ism.

Anakron wished he had more control over these konveyances, so he could undo any he didn't like. But that was not the case, and as far as he knew, Panakeia might be stuck in her current mode for the rest of her life. He shook his head and his eyes watered irritatingly. He rubbed at them, looking this way and that to make sure his masculine dignity had not been compromised by onlookers seeing what they ought not. Relieved, he gave thought as to what he would do next.

He knew that he was indeed evil, but that it was a mixed situation, since he could have such warm feelings for Panakeia that acted like unconditional love. Be that as it might, may, or would have been, it couldn't get her back. So much for that; the issue here, he said, directing his mental attention to the problem at hand, was that apparently his evil was not, in fact, a direct, or indirect, result of being the Grand Anakronist. Apparenlty, the Anakronist Dweomer had little to do with it at all! It was just the way he was!

Well, then, he thought, I can just quit being the Anakronist.

Someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned. It was Palando.

"Oh. You."

Palando nodded.

"Where's your other half?"

"Elsewhere occupied."

"What do you want?"

"I see that you have begun to understand that things are not what you thought they were."

"Such as?"

"We have not made you evil."

"That doesn't mean you're not evil, or that the Anakronism Dweomer isn't." Pallando merely smiled. Anakron continued. "So that means that you chose me because I'm evil. Pallando smiled wider. A string of epithets flew through Anakron's noggin. He planted the Staff on the ground between them, then let it drop so that it leaned on Pallando. Anakron turned to walk away.

"You cannot do that."

"Watch me!"

"If you try, we will kill you."

Anakron stopped. He turned. He faced Pallando and thought a moment.

"Better evil renounced and dead than enslaved and alive." Anakron turned away again, and began walking north with the hopes of leaving Lûndûn, Nurnia, and eventually Mordor.

"Fool," Pallando said, held out his own staff, pointed it at Anakron, and spoke a word in a language none knew anymore. Next moment, Anakron fell to the ground. His breath left him. His heart wasn't beating. The world went dark. He knew no more.
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As the three companions continued to stand around in the wereduck-constructed tunnel, possibly with the two ambassadors looking in horror at the feathers Elrogorn had pointed to, which should be assumed was what they did in the absence of further instruction, a troubled, faraway expression came over Maika's horrified features, as though she had suddenly remembered that - for the first time in her life - she had failed to fill a save within forty-eight hours.

"Lady Maika, is something bothering you?" Hyarmenwë asked, without wondering why he bothered himself. It seemed that Maika did the wondering for him as she stirred.

"Oh..." she slowly turned to him, her eyes shifting into focus. "I, or a part of me perhaps, was inexplicably transported to and trapped in schoo--" Wait a minute, she thought, a girl my "age" is not supposed to be have anything to do with school. Hyarmenwë and Elrogorn, who had tuned in as Maika stirred, blinked at her expectantly. At the same time. Unpractised.

"Oh, you know, I suddenly had eerie visions of a torturous land of Chemistry and Calculus."

That did the trick for Hyarmenwë, apparently, for he hastily ignored her at the mention of the anakronistic words, and was suddenly fascinated with a tuft of wereduck down on which he had unknowingly stepped. Elrogorn, on the other hand, blinked again.

"But that sounds just like Mordor, doesn't it?"

Maika pretended that Elrogorn had also ignored her, in order to justify ignoring him. She had to admit to herself, though, that he had a point. Before she could start pondering on the repercussions of Elrogorn's unpremeditated wisdom, she hurried after Hyarmenwë, who took off upon realising that he should NOT be fascinated with wereduck down. Maika stole a quick glance at him once she had caught up; the look in his eyes was that of utter disappointment, masked by an utter determination not to let it show. Maika knew it, though, despite his best efforts, for she had been there with him after all.

"I'm really sorry, Hyarmenwë," she told him, for some reason feeling not quite as sincere as she sounded. "But you see, it's probably better this way. I had not the heart to mention this before, but--" she hesitated, and took a deep breath, "Boba means 'stupid girl' in Filipino."

She might as well had spoken the language for all the response she got.

"I hate to tell you this," she continued, rather insensitively, "but your daughter, she's probably d--"

"Don't say it," Hyarmenwë cut in. His eyes glinted dangerously. A clichéd cold shiver ran up Maika's spine at the sight of it; that was a side of Hyarmenwë she had never even guessed existed. She felt the need to make up for her rash remark.

"Or, or maybe," she said cautiously, "maybe I had been completely wrong in my assumption. Maybe the exiled Gondorians did not take her in. Or if they did, maybe she...she ran away."

Elrogorn gasped behind them. "Then maybe a were--"

"--duck once used this very tunnel, and has a mind to use it again." Hyarmenwë glared at his two companions, but its meaning seemed to have flown over Elrogorn's head with a woosh.

"Then maybe we should get out of here," Elrogorn said quietly yet urgently. "Come on!"

And away he ran, swiftly and lightly like the wind, and bade the two ambassadors to do likewise. But Maika might have known enough of the wonders of travelling in an RPG, and maintained her pace. Hyarmenwë was in no mood to run, either.

"Maybe we should head back to the Palace and come up with another plan, before we begin our search again," Maika kindly suggested.

Hyarmenwë sighed. "Maybe you're right."

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Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Much as he had always disliked Mordorian architecture, the sight of the crumbled ruins of the inner halls of Mount Doom palace and casino was something Smilog could not quite stomach. His father hobbled along beside him with an over sized walking stick in his hand. "So, this is what became of Project Zoom?" wheezed the old Dwarf, "a casino indeed! What on earth was Roggie thinking?"

"That it would be a good idea?" Smilog ventured,

"You do know why it was built, don't you?" The old dwarf, stopped and lit a pipe. The hall was wide and high, archways were placed every twenty yards. Though it was dimly lit with small torches, the ceiling could not be seen. Gargoyles were carved into the archways, Orc faces and Orc writing was scrawled all over them. The echo of Smilog's feet continued long after he stopped walking.

"Sauron built it," he at last answered, "For the war. He didn't have the technology to make it move."

"So, why do you think it moves now?" The old dwarf blew a large smoke ring above his son's head.

Smilog scratched his beard while peering upwards. He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. "The same reason that all this other weird stuff is happening, I would guess." Smilog's father, who, I should point out, was named Khuzdnargûn, 'Khuz' to his friends, took a few paces forwards and turned around so that he faced his son.

"But why now?" he pressed, "Why not the last time the Anakronism was at large? Think!"

"Can't I go and have a lie down first?


"Well," Smilog sat on the floor, his head in his hands and his eyes closed. "The Blue Wizards must be using it." Khuz shook his head, "Then whom?"

"It is not for the Blue wizards that the mountain had to move," said Khuz, "if anything, it has them annoyed. Anakron is up to something and the depths of Doom are the key! Beneath Mount Doom, there lies a secret. Ever since the One Ring went into the fire, the magma has been unpredictable and wild. When I was working on project zoom, a great earthquake stopped us and all we found in the depths was a small paperweight. We buried it as far down as we could. I doubt if the Blue wizards are aware of it... but the further away from the depths of doom we are. The better."

"Ah." said Smilog, "there may be a problem."


"Roggie has the paperweight."


The tentacles gripped Tollin's led and the Barrow Wight's neck. Frantically, Tollin grabbed his morning star and swung it at the snakes. There was a cry, but the grip just grew stronger. The Barrow Wight drew his sword and began hacking away; he managed to cut off three tentacles, but more leaped out of the clothing and knocked him to the ground. The Watcher in the Washer laughed and waved two great tentacles in the air triumphantly.

"You see!" it cried, "no one leaves!" Tollin, grabbed The Barrow Wight's tinderbox, which had fallen to the ground, and threw it in the general direction of the voice. There was a screech and the sound of scratching before, finally, the tentacles recoiled and a massive pile of clothes burst into flame.

The great bulk of the Watcher lifted up from behind a pile of clothes. It seemed to be a squid made almost entirely of shoes. It picked up a wardrobe with its tentacles and cast it towards the stunned pair. Diving out of the way, Tollin and The Barrow Wight narrowly avoided some fatal splinters. It made a strange gurgling in it's throat and then whipped some snake-like fingers around their weapons, dragging them away.

Tollin stared blankly at The Barrow Wight as the Watcher drew nearer, laughing. The Barrow Wight fumbled in his pockets, finding nothing but empty wine bottles and corks full of maggots. All of a sudden, his hand landed upon something the shape of a Rhino's head. He took out the paperweight and looked at it in his hand.

"What are you doing?" screamed Tollin. But before anyone could say, 'Orcs in a barrel', The Barrow Wight threw the paperweight at the Watcher. The creature exploded. Literally. A great chasm opened up where the thing once was, and green slime now covered the walls. The Barrow Wight tip towed up to the chasm and peered in. On a ledge, just at arm's length, the Rhino's head stared at him, grinning.

"Gosh," said The Barrow Wight.
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What a self-absorbed jerk, Panakeia thought as she pushed into the crowd of protestors, hurrying to regain her position at the mob's head. I have bigger fish to fry. Blue fish. She grinned.

It was a long march to White-all. Panakeia began to think that they group would never reach it in time to have a proper protest. She was right in thinking that the destination would never be attained, but the reason turned out to be most unexpected. As the WereHippies rounded a bend, the objects of their protest appeared directly ahead of them.

"Look! Look!" Panakeia shrieked. "It's the Istari themselves." Boos and a few shouts of "Istari, go home!" answered her announcement.

Pallando stepped forward. "Hello, Panakeia," he said.

Alatar was just behind, smirking evilly. "You haven't been doing your job, have you?" he added.

"Job? Of course I'm doing my job. Getting rid of you!" She shouted gleefully, and the WereHippies cheered.

"You fool," Pallando jeered. "Do you really think this protest matters to us? It exists only through our power, mishandled as it was by our late employee. We can be rid of it as easily as we were rid of him." He pointed a staff - the Grand Anakronist's staff, Panakeia noted in sudden alarm, but why? - at the crowd. In that moment the various ISMs that had afflicted the group were taken away.

Realizing that their lyco-hippo-thropISM was gone, the no-longer-were Hippies shouted for joy. "Hurray for Panakeia! We're cured. She led us to our cure."

But Panakeia, no longer filled with ISMs, found no happiness. The meaning of a few of the Istari's words began to frighten her. Late employee, they had said. And Pallando now wielded Anakron's staff.

"What did you mean by late employee?" she asked. "Late as in fired? Quit?"


"Dead?!" She flew at Pallando, only held back from clawing the wizard by a nearby hippie.

"Do not dare show your temper to me, unless you wish to meet the same fate," he hissed. "For now, I will let it pass." He smirked while Panakeia tearfully glowered at him. "If it gives you comfort, know that his last thought was to leave Mordor. He gave up the staff. Perhaps you can make his last wish come true and take him away from here, if only after death."

The wizards strode away. Panakeia gazed after them blankly, then turned and ran back toward the site of her last meeting with Anakron, followed at a short distance by two of the more sympathetic hippies.
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ATM 2.5: The Search for Anakron

The protest march had only gone a little way Speakeasy Corner when they were intercepted by the Blue Istari. A few turns past the Mottled Arch (or whatever it was called - Panakeia was far too distracted by the dreadful news she had just heard to remember properly) had been the total of their journey. But even that brief distance seemed to be greater than the ends of the world to our heroine in her rush to return. She hoped - dimly, it is true, but with all the hope she could find in her heart - that the Istari had only been having a cruel joke and that she would find Anakron alive. They might have been joking. It was certain that Anakron had finally given up his role as Grand Anakronist. The wizards might have found it amusing to torment her with false news of Anakron's death out of some twisted idea of revenge on her for leading him to that decision. Panakeia told herself that must have been the case. She had not parted with Anakron on good terms, and the thought of never being able to tell her one true love the right of things (if he were actually dead) was unbearable.

Out of breath and filled with anxiety for Anakron, Panakeia rushed into Speakeasy Corner. Anakron wasn't there. A deep sigh escaped her and she whispered, "Not here. They must have been joking. He's not here."

But then loud sniffles and wailing came from behind a tree. Panakeia looked up and spotted Lûgnût noisily blowing his/her/its nose into a pink and yellow checked handkerchief. In that same moment, Lûgnût spotted Panakeia and ran over blubbering.

"He's dead. The Gee-Ay is dead. What will I do?" Finding the handkerchief soaked through, s/he grabbed a flowing flap of Panakeia's sleeve and rubbed its eyes.

Feeling as though she had been crushed under all the weight of the Spam walls of Potted Ham Court Station, Panakeia stood speechless and numb. All was lost, then. Lûgnût sniffled.

"Where is he?" she finally managed to ask.

"I made all the arrangements," Lûgnût hiccoughed. "They came and took him off him." S/he sobbed again.

His last thought was to leave Mordor. Panakeia recalled those words. And now Anakron would be here forever. She couldn't allow it

"No!" she cried. "Not here. Not here. He wanted to leave. He should go back to Umbar." Then, grief catching up with her once more, she joined Lûgnût in tears.

"But it's too late," Lûgnût whimpered.

Then a tap on the shoulder caused Panakeia to whirl around. The two hippies - or former hippies, for when the ISMs were dispelled, these two seemed to have abandoned their counter-cultural appearance as well - had caught up with her. Panakeia glared at the shorter of the two, who had tapped her while the other looked down from his great height.

"Excuse me," the first said with a bow. He spoke with a slight accent.

"Yes?" she stared coldly through her tears.

"I could not help but overhear. You are in need of help?" Panakeia nodded, and he bowed again. "We will help you. My friend and I. Maybe your Anakron is not dead."

Lûgnût broke in. "He is."

"We do not know this. He had much to live for." Another slight bow was offered to Panakeia. "Even if he is, we will help you to bring his remains from this place."

Panakeia looked suspiciously at the pair through tear-stained lashes. "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is In Ego Toyota and I will aid you. Come, we have many plans to make."

The four huddled together in a corner to think, until, with their plans settled at last, they set off in search of Anakron.
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Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
The dimly lit halls, ruined and lamentable to look upon, loomed over the two Dwarves as they paced with hastening steps. Khuz held up a hand and they both stopped, the old Dwarf lent heavily on his staff and breathed like a marathon runner who, after letting himself go a bit, tries his hand at the old sport. Smilog looked upwards at the ceiling; it was full of holes and covered in filth, yet still seemed strong enough to hold for a while at least.

Khuz began walking again, his trembling hands gripping his staff as if it were his only way of keeping alive. A shiver ran through the mountain, the walls began to shake, the ceiling let fall many tiles and chandeliers plummeted to the floor. Gripping his father's arm, Smilog dashed towards the nearest small room. Yet as he approached, a beam of wood fell across the entrance and splinters flew towards the duo.

The Dwarves threw themselves to the floor and covered their heads, awaiting only death. However, soon enough, the shaking stopped and all was calm once again. Covered in dust, Smilog raised his head and opened his eyes slowly. Two tall cloaked figures stood before him, one had a long wooden staff pointed towards Smilog's head. The other just stood there grinning.

"Good evening," said the one with the staff,

"Actually," said Khuz, standing up and dragging Smilog to his feet, "it's three in the morning." The Blue Istari cocked their heads simultaneously in a manner that made the dwarves take a step back.

"We are well aware of the time," Pallando grinned and lifted his staff to plant it on the ground as he would when walking. He nodded to his companion and they grinned grins that made professional grinners grin less. Alatar, the shorter of the two, drew a long sword from beneath his robe. "You are not needed, Dwarf," Pallando continued, "and so, we will..." he looked up and raised an eyebrow, "... kill you."

"Is that it?" said Khuz,

"Isn't that enough?" asked a rather startled Alatar

"Well, 'kill' has never been your style has it? Its always been, 'disemboweling' and 'inhumeing' and goodness knows what else. but 'Kill' oh no. Surely you can think of something better than 'kill'."

"Erm..." said Pallando, "give us a minuet..." the two wizards turned their backs on the dwarves and began a heated, yet whispered argument. Occasionally they glanced back at the dwarves. Eventually, Pallando turned back to face them and said, "We've decided to 'un-life' you." there was a pause before the wizards angrily turned back to their debate.

Smilog slowly lifted his axe from his belt, glancing between his father and the wizards, being careful not to make any sudden movements. Unfortunately, his hands slipped and his axe dropped to the floor with a clatter. The two wizards turned around dramatically, their robes flowing in the temporary gust they made for themselves.

"You'll be pleased to know," began Alatar, "that we are going to... Exterminate you!" Then they picked up their staffs and held them towards the Dwarves shouting, "Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"


"Well, I think that door is a 'no'", said Tollin as he and his undead companion left Sauron's wardrobe and began walking through the many corridors of Mount Zoom. To their utter and lasting astonishment, there were still some Orcs gambling in the casinos, some were streaked with blood and sweat, but that was normal for this place, even when the Mountain wasn't moving.

While the matters of gambling Orcs covered their minds, the Mountain began to shake once again. With swift movements, Tollin made his way to the nearest window and looked out. "I say! What can you see Old Bean?" shouted The Barrow Wight, "is it good news?" Tollin scowled at him.

"Of course not!" shouted the minotaur, "The Mountain is erupting! Either that or it's going to set off again."

"Gosh," mumbled the Wight, trying to stand up straight. Yet it was in vain for, all of a sudden, the floor crumbled beneath their feet. With shouts, they fell through three levels until landing curiously on a soft feather mattress covered in burns marks and ashes. The shaking finished and the duo found themselves surrounded by dust and settling ceiling fragments.

Tollin coughed heavily in his throat, the Barrow Wight merely coughed a smoker's cough before pulling out his pipe and lighting it. "What are the chances of that, old chap?" he asked, "Question is, what Blighter has a bed in this Mountain?"

"Well," began Tollin, "judging by all burns and evidence of fire, either a pyromaniac or Roggie." The Barrow Wight nodded and looked at all of the cupboards that now became visible. He wandered over to one and pulled on the handle, but it would not open. Cursing he took out his sword and sliced through the wood, leaving a pile of filthy ties on the floor.

"Blast, no wine," he mopped.

"Come on," said Tollin, "wine is the least of our worries. We'd better find a way out of this Mountain and then see if we can get to somewhere civilised."

"Yes, I should like to get back to my Barrow." mused the Wight, failing to notice how Tollin hand vanished with a crash and how there was now a hole in the floor. "You see, there is something quintessentially jolly about a-" and he fell down the hole.


"Exterminate!" Cried Pallando as a large, hairy Minotaur fell on him, ploughing him into the rock flooring. Alatar leappad back and watched a corpse that seemed to glow green follow the Minotaur onto Pallando's head. Before anyone could say, "what's going on?" the two Dwarves were scampering off through the far end of the corridor.

Pallando threw Tollin and The Barrow Wight off him and looked around the room, "Where have they gone?" he demanded, Alatar shrugged, "oh, who cares, let's go to a grave yard, I need cheering up." The Wizards vanished in a flash.

"Gosh," said The Barrow Wight.
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Alli had absolutely no inclination to be here. She never asked for this. She didn't want the dreams, the drama, or even, any more, the job. She'd had a nice, if toasty, job winging balrogs and yeah, it wasn't perfect, and yeah, she had to deal with admins all the time, and not all of the balrogs were as friendly as Roggie, but seriously, she was always warm, she could pay her phone bill when it came, not just in terms of 'please, please pay it for me and I'll owe you, I don't get paid for another two weeks and Eru, I only have sixty minutes left this billing cycle and that doesn't end for another month and seriously, this poor stude-- I mean spymaster thing really isn't working for me,' but in terms of "Oh, a bill, okay, I'll write a check." She was warm, had steady pay, had a few good friends, could wear leather every single day without it being a fashion statement, AND she could say anything without compromising national security.

But noooooo, she had to get chosen for that confounded Escape from Mordor plot, and nooooo, she just had to end up falling in lov-- I mean getting a bit of a crush on some stupid guy that ended up being a King somewhere, and she just had to end up taking a job for a friend that got her in all kinds of trouble, angered wizards, t'd off werewolves, and had her curled up in a cemetery with bills to pay, no tea, people chasing her, and a lot of politicians in her every day life.

Last time she did a favor for a friend, she thought, looking around, listening to strategically ominous howling, and looked up at the moon.


"Eru!" she shouted to the moon. Aimè hurried to hush her, looking toward the are-you-sure-they-aren't-hyenas? howls, pulling her into a tomb so at least they'd have solid stone at their backs when the battle came. Because she was a Seer and he was a Hunter, or was he a Ranger? But either way werewolves didn't like them, and were guaranteed to seek for them at night, and it was night, and thunder boomed across the cloudless sky.

"Illamatar!" she cried. "Speak to me, you miserable creature!"

"Alli," he panicked, "Blasphemy..."

She turned on him. "Aimè, I DO NOT HIDE. I don't hide. And I can't see a thing in here."

He couldn't tell if she was being literal. It was pitch black spotted with darker shadows of even pitch blacker in the tomb, and he had a disconcerting idea that he was sitting on something dead.

"Illamatar, now would be a good time for guidance, what with the Fate of Mordor resting on my shoulders." She could only hope the war she simply Knew was brewing could be forestalled, just like in a story. Except, she reflected, this isn't a story. "Illamatar, you know THERE HAS TO BE A WAR because OTHERWISE LIFE IS TOO PREDICTABLE. You know that the ADVISORS have to somehow end up in this cemetery WITH ADVERSARIES ON ALL SIDES because this is real life and the climactic moments require a lot of UNHAPPY PEOPLE with grudges and you know that you're going to have to, ILLAMATAR, STEP IN AND SAVE THE DAY."

There was no response.

Alli sat moodily in the tomb, thinking of her phone bill, thinking of a lot of people on their way to CERTAIN DOOM in the cemetery, thinking of how Mordor was falling to ruin, thinking of how annoying it was that Roggie and Mardil couldn't just get along, and thinking how now wouldn't quite be the right timing for Eru to respond, given that it was just in the point of the story where she was supposed to say, and did:

"Well, it's not like it can get any worse."

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Dracomir was becoming rapidly bored by wasting his time in the presence of the boorish Frej and the disdainful Lola. When Frej began playing with his hair and singing, however, he stopped being bored and became bloodwhimperingly furious.

He endured, cold and silent, Frej's cacophonous ballad and pompous expostulations, and then turned away. Lola glanced after him, quizzical but mocking, yet her young swain did not rise to the bait and left without another pause.

Even had he felt like talking as he left the office, he would not have been able to. His passionate rage locked his tongue behind his teeth. His tread was becoming heavier, the determined grimness of his gaze ever more implacable...

Tom Felton was off to fulfil his appointment with Alli, long ago made, and other business called him too. As he loped into the cold air of the castle's parapet, his keen ears heard the far-off, echoing sound of the howl of a wolf...and, running his hand through his extending, darkening hair, he re-echoed it.

The wolf dashed along the rampart to one of the western side-gates, slipped through an ill-maintained portcullis and left the Castle of Roggie, and Mount Doom itself, behind it.
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With breathless steps and Dwarvish cursing, Smilog clambered over the final step of the long staircase leading through Mount Doom. His father followed him at a slower pace, but still just as out of breath. Before them lay the long corridor that spiralled around the mountain. The floors were carpeted, but what value had been in them was now gone, for the numerous adventures of the moving Mountain had torn them to shreds. Potted plants that had once graced the corridor at regular intervals, now lay on the floor, with their soil spewed out like blood all around them.

"This way," commanded Khuz, "we must get to the control room." They marched on, each step more cautious than the last, Smilog took his axe in hand and began examining every shadow with grave detail. There were no windows, and the only light came from a torch that Smilog was holding; yet, in the faint light, they could see the remains of chandeliers and wall lamps.

A shudder ran through Khuz as they passed a map of Mordor that had fallen from the wall and now lay pathetically on the floor like an old and drunk tramp. They marched on in this manner for about half an hour before they came to the end. There was a door. Of sorts. At least, it had been a door at some point, but was now a bricked up hole in the shape of an archway with a 'Do not enter, there is nothing behind here, go away' sign on the front.

"What now?" whispered Smilog

"Hush!" instructed his father, "If I know anything about Mordor workmanship, it's this..." he pressed his hand against the middle of the wall. To Smilogs astonishment, although, not lasting astonishment, the bricks fell backwards and left an opening onto the side of the mountain.

They stepped out and saw that there was a short path leading to the door of Zoom, as it later became known. The control room of that dread place. Cautiously, they drew near and found that the door was not locked. Into the cave, they marched, slowly and quietly. Or, rather, as quietly as dwarves can get. The red fire light shone up ahead and before long, they found themselves before the numerous controls.

Stood at these controls was a tall figure, hooded and cloaked in black. Smilog approached the stranger and said, "Good day to you sir. Who are you?"

The creature turned and they saw that it was a human... sort of... It had enormous eyes, but they had no pupils. Its teeth were very unkempt and the hair drooped down to its knees. Beneath the cloak was a dress of blood red linen, covered in disturbing pictures of orcs and dragons eating cakes.

"I" it said, "am the driver..."


The Barrow Wight pulled himself together once more and then peered around at their surroundings. "I say," he said, "this is a most unkempt Mountain, what-what?"

"Well," said Tollin as he brushed the ceiling remnants from his front, "I'd like to see any home stay in good keep after moving around so violently." The Barrow Wight nodded and then lowered his head. His eyes fixed upon a small white scroll that was lying just where Pallando had stood just moments earlier.

"What do you make of that, old bean?" he asked, turning to Tollin. The Minotaur lifted the scroll and unravelled it. The runes were Elvish, but the Language was Numenorian.

"You Barrow Wights are supposed to be Numenorian or something," he said, "can you read this?"

"My dear boy," retorted The Barrow Wight, "we Wights are spirits sent to dwell in the Barrow-downs by the Witch-king of Angmar during his wars with the remnant of Arnor, and who remained there long after the realm of Angmar itself had vanished from the world." He cocked his head and then snatched the scroll, "But yes, I can read it;

In Mordor, they say evil is done
Sauron's hand may yet be gone
In the deeps, the horror dwells
Blue Wizards cast their spells
No song is sung by any bard
of what lies in the grave yard
All shall throw faces to the floor
Woe if you are assigned to Mordor"

The two odd fellows scratched their heads and wondered about this odd poem. Failing to ask why it coincidentally rhymed when translated into English.

Eventually, Tollin raised his head; "That Wizard said something about a grave yard. Should we look into it? Sounds like it could be important." The Barrow Wight took out his pipe and pointed to the exit.

"A Jolly good idea," he said.

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"Do you think it will work?" In whispered.

Panakeia replied, "I'm sure. Ouch! Lûgnût!" The orc had just poked her with the tip of an umbrella.

"Sorry. It's crowded in here."

That was true enough. The group huddled inside a small phone booth, uncomfortably sandwiched under Fuzziwick, friend of In Ego Toyota. They were making a phone call to some Mordorian bureaucracy, trying to find out where Anakron had been taken. Fuzziwick had already been transferred to fourteen different departments by the automated answering system as they attempted to find someone with the information they needed. In was beginning to lose patience and had suggested storming Anakron's former offices at White-All with his sword, as he claimed to be the world's greatest swordsman. Panakeia knew, however, that the concentration of orcish bureaucrats there was so great that they would only be more confused there than they were from the relative safety of their phone booth.

Fuzziwick was speaking again. Evidently, he finally reached another living person or orc to speak with instead of the computerized system. Panakeia waited expectantly. No luck. Transferred again. She sighed.

"In. What about this friend of yours we're supposed to find? Tell me about him again."

"A great man, once under the employ of the Blue Istari. But they fired him long ago. It was said that his spells had begun to go astray and no longer served them as they wished. But he may be able to help us."

"I hope so." Panakeia's eyes filled again.

Fuzziwick's voice boomed. "Yes, thank you." He put down the phone.

"We know where to go now. Let's go."

"Where?" asked In, Panakeia, and Lûgnût together.

"A graveyard, not far from here."

Panakeia's head fell at the reminder of Anakron's demise. In nodded sagely and said, "Very well. We shall go. But first, to find the last of our party. Wait here. Fuzziwick and I shall return shortly."

Whispering to each other, In and Fuzziwick hurried down a side alley.

"But how can we convince him to come?"

"We will. We must."


Before long, they returned with a third man between them, covered under a heavy gray cloak and hood. Somehow, he looked vaguely familiar to Panakeia. There was no time for questions and the man was silent, so she and Lûgnût followed Fuzziwick and In. Their next stop: a graveyard, and a new tomb.

It was pitch black, other than the pale glow of the moon on iron gates when they arrived at the graveyard. Anakron's resting place was not difficult to find. For once, Mordor had moved with efficiency and a new marble tomb already stood in a corner. They hurried toward it, Panakeia now in the lead, and saw an inscription on the door.

Ex-Grand Anakronist

"Oh, Anakron," Panakeia sighed and began to weep again. The stranger jumped, but still said nothing.

Fuzziwick easily lifted the door from its hinges.

"Come!" In waved his sword and stepped into the tomb.

Anakron had been lain in the center of the tomb. The stranger stepped forward and looked him over.

"Yes. I think it is possible that he is not all dead, but only mostly dead. And as you know, all dead and mostly dead are not the same. Because if your mostly dead, you're slightly alive."

That voice! It was so familiar. Where had Panakeia heard it before?

He went on. "But of course, it all depends on what he has to live for." He threw back his hood, and Panakeia gasped.

"Phizzick!" she exclaimed.

"Yes. It is I. I, to whom you were once nearly wed, so long ago. I ask you, what does he have to live for?"

Outside, the howling of a wolf sounded across the tombstones.

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"Maybe we should head back to the Palace and come up with another plan, before we begin our search again," Maika kindly suggested.

Hyarmenwë sighed. "Maybe you're right."

Elrogorn was not pleased. However anakronistic, improbable, and recklessly good looking he may have been (very, on all counts), he knew a lot about Wereducks.

However, before the handsome half-Elf could berate the two more serious companions with the need to depart post-haste, the sound of webbed feet padding down the tunnel behind them.

"What's that?" said Hyarmenwë, his agéd face aghast with fear. Not fear of Wereducks, so much as fear of the idea of Wereducks. Beside him, Maika stepped slightly closer to the old Gondorian.

"Flee!" hissed Elrogorn, drawing his shining blade. "Leave them to me."

Rather than bravely protesting, or fleeing immediately, Hyarmenwë edged further down the tunnel.

"Faster!" insisted Elrogorn.

Hyarmenwë, terrified and yet fascinated, glanced down the tunnel behind them, and then shuddered in horror. He grabbed Maika's arm to steady himself.

"Come, my dear," he said. "For once I completely agree with him."

Maika looked past Elrogorn, and could only agree. The sight that met her eyes was not pleasant. There were ducks. Hundreds of ducks. But they were more than just mere ducks; they were were-ducks. Their feathers were ruffled and a deep black, their eyes were a blazing red, and their bills a bright orange. And poking out of their bills were long, sharp fangs.

Maika and Hyarmenwë tore down the tunnel as fast as they could. Hyarmenwë had not moved so fast in years. He could feel his heart pounding, and wondered if he might not be wiser to face the mercy of the Wereducks than to keel over with exhaustion, but prudence said otherwise.

"Up there!" Maika shouted at him. Hyarmenwë suspected the young woman was not running as fast as possible, since she stayed close by him, and not far ahead, as she ought to have been capable. Behind them, he could heard the raucous sounds of Elrogorn and the Wereducks battling it out.

Looking up, Hyarmenwë saw that Maika was pointing at a trapdoor closed over a hole in the tunnel. Maika had already started to climb a ladder of metal rungs set in the wall, shoving open the trapdoor. Behind them, Hyarmenwë heard Elrogorn shouting at them.

"Faster! I can't hold them off!"

"It's stuck!" Maika shoved at the trapdoor unsuccessfully.

"Watch out!" shouted Elrogorn. "I'm coming too!"

Maika struggled desperately, and the trapdoor opened upwards. Shoving it out of the way, she climbed out of sight. Behind them, Elrogorn tore into sight. Hyarmenwë started to climb, feeling painfully slow.

Hyarmenwë had just climbed out of sight when Elrogorn grabbed the rungs and started climbing, the Wereducks right behind him. Hyarmenwë gave him and hand, and as soon as he was clear, Maika slammed the trapdoor shut right above the Wereducks, standing solidly on the thick wood.

"Where are we?" asked Hyarmenwë, looking around. They seemed to be outdoors, from the feel of the chill, fresh breeze, but night had fallen and there was nary a star to be seen, nor was the moon visible.

"A graveyard," said Maika, looking around at all the headstones and forboding insciptions of R.I.P (Rots In Pieces). Hyarmenwë, whose idea of a graveyard of Rath Dínen looked around queasily, wondering if this was an anakronistic place to be, but since Tolkien had not gone into detail about graveyards or tombs in The Lord of the Rings, no one offered him an answer to his unspoken question.

"Not just any graveyard," said Elrogorn darkly. "This graveyard has a long history of association with forces of evil."
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The Driver glared at the two Dwarves through small and shining eyes, the pupils of which were wide and completely black. Smilog cocked his head on one side and said, "So, what's supposed to be going on then?"

The Driver grinned and pointed to a large palantir on the top of the control panel, "The end is near," it said, "I have seen it. A great battle is coming; you know the sort, the kind that, if this ever gets made into a film, will involve hundreds of pounds worth of computer graphics. The kind that will shake all of Mordor. The kind of battle-"

"Yes," interrupted Khuz, "a big battle. What's that got to do with you or us?" The Driver's face turned to a frown and it sat in the chair with a sigh. Smilog peered at the Palantir, yet all that could be seen within it were swirling clouds and mists. The Driver lifted the Palantir up and presented it to the Dwarves

"See for yourselves," it said. So they lent forward with their eyes on the perfectly rounded seeing stone. The clouds dispersed and the mist cleared. There was a grave yard full of tombstones and a few tombs. The Palantir focused on one in particular; there was a group inside it looking at a body lying on a table.

There was one figure wearing a hood who seemed to have the attention of the rest of the party. A voice, faint and seeming far away, came from beneath the hood, "But of course, it all depends on what he has to live for." the hood was thrown back, this seemed very important for some of the other people there, but meant nothing to Smilog.

A wolf howled. The Area of vision shifted and looked upon a group of figures, standing above a trapdoor that was being forced from beneath; there was a look of dark foreboding upon the face of one in particular. Again, they heard a voice, on the edge of hearing, "This graveyard has a long history of association with forces of evil." Khuz's eyes widened as the Palantir shifted its gaze once again and they stared at an enormous army gathering on the plains to the south of the graveyard. The army went on and on, rank upon rank, battalion upon battalion, stretching off into the horizon like a sea of foes. The sound of a war horn filled the air before the face of Pallando flashed before the Palantir went dark.

The Driver gasped and let the seeing stone fall from her hands. Smilog placed his foot on the stone, his eyes set on The Driver, "Why did you show us this?" he asked.

"Because," The Driver rose from her chair, "what forces are gathered in the graveyard cannot defeat this army. They shall need all the help they can get. The Blue Wizards must be stopped. Why do you think I had to move the mountain? Anakron is dead, and we were so close to bringing him to the side of light. Curse those istari."

A silence fell between them, broken only by the rumblings of the Mountain. Before long, Smilog ventured, "You still havn't answered our question. Why do you need us?"

"You are Dwarves."

"Well spotted."

"Do you know of the clan of Gadol?" The Driver lent forward, casting a shadow over the Dwarves. She peered into their eyes, one by one, perhaps this was some kind of Mordorian tradition that they were both unaware of. The Dwarves shook their respective heads. "The Clan of Gadol dwell in the Ash Mountains. Long they have been there since the fall of Sauron. Secret and safe. A mighty force they are. Perhaps the edge we shall need in this war. That is why we need you two."

"So, you want us to take a message?" asked Smilog hopefully.

"Nay." Laughed The Driver solemnly, "Nay. They will not let you in. They have a Palantir and have seen this army, but they are proud and think it of no consequence to Dwarven kind. If they see one, or even two, Dwarves in the battle, then they shall open their gates and pour into that grave yard like a flood!"


Mount Zoom sunk into the distance, though it's stench followed Tollin and The Barrow Wight for many miles. One thing could be said for Roggie's rule of Mordor, there definitely were more road signs. A tall pillar stood in the centre of the cross roads with signs pointing in each direction, including one that simply said, 'Graveyard'. Feeling satisfied, the odd duo followed the path with long steps to save on time.

Tollin suddenly stopped and turned his head to the south. He pointed away with his morning star. "Do you see that?" he asked, pointing at an enormous black shade among the lighter black shades.

"That mass of black things stretching into the horizon?"


"Yes, I do see it. Looks jolly foreboding, doesnt it old boy?"

"Indeed." They marched on, the stench of death becoming more poignant as they neared the graveyard. There was a sound of shouting and banging, like that of an group of angry drunks trying to break down a door. The iron gate of the Graveyard hung open, but not inviting, if anything it told you, 'this is exactly the kind of place your mother told you that you would end up if you didn't stop misbehaving'.

Slowly, they walked into the cemetery with absolutely no feelings of joy about the fact other than, at least they weren't in Mount Zoom. A trio stood above a trap door, the sound of fierce quacking coming from underneath; the thumping continued ominously similar to a heart beat.

"Gosh," said The Barrow Wight, drawing his unnecesarily over decorative Sword.
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Skittles wandered up to the foreboding gates of the gothic cemetary, sipping on a banana grape slurpie. She had grown bored back at Mount Doom, as everyone seemed to be leaving for more adventures, and explaining the intricacies of Tolkienism to Hissyfit had soon grown boring. It seemed that the mojo Anakron had slapped on her wore off with her multiple shifts in personality, and she had suddenly forgotten exactly what it was she had been going on about.

"Hissyfit," she had said, "where did everyone go?"

"I dunno," Hissyfit had replied. "I fell asleep two hours ago." Here she paused to yawn and scratch herself.

Just then, Skittles' cellphone beeped, alerting her to the fact that a text message was arriving. The message was from Ali, and the important bits were highlighted in red letters, which caught even Skittles' ADD addled attention.

"Let's go to an unnamed graveyard and have some fun, eh wot?" she said to Hissyfit, and Hissyfit, knowing that rats and rabbits and other assorted vermin liked to burrow under crypts, agreed.

Here endeth the flashback.

Skittles looked up at the massive gateway leading into the graveyard. A raven sat perched on one wrought iron finial, croaking out a warning before taking off in a flutter of black wings. Hissyfit, who had been contemplating climbing the fence and eating the bird, sighed.

"So this is the graveyard," said Skittles. "Eh."

She tossed her now empty slurpie cup in the trash bin (ominously marked: please do not litter or you will be chopped up into little bits and used to fertilize the flowers) and pushed the gate open. A chill wind whistled down between the headstones and blew Skittle's jet black hair away from her pale white face. "Thank you, chill wind, for reminding everyone of my basic coloring," she said, cheerfully. "Come along, Hissyfit, let's see what's shaking."

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Mordor had a strange way of bringing about unexpected events in the least expected (and usually least convenient) ways. Phizzick's sudden reappearance out of Panakeia's nearly forgotten days in Harad was the proof to that rule. Phizzick. Panakeia had not even thought of him since she was a lass of seventeen sitting on the veranda at her lost childhood home.

Nearly wed? Surely he exaggerated the entire situation. Panakeia recalled a slightly different scenario in which Phizzick, only a few months older than she, had joking asked for her hand, and she had just as jokingly (and with dazzling teenage coquettish charm) accepted him on the condition that he bring her an ice cream cone. There had been no ice cream, but a silly romance had followed. Just as she had once had so many other flirtations in her earlier days. But it seemed that Phizzick had taken things more seriously, building it into a drama worthy of any soap opera instead of the light-hearted society fluff their former association had been.

Still, Phizzick's story was what it was and now was not the time to have a full argument. Not with Anakron's life hanging in the balance.

Panakeia replied hesitantly. "It's been a long time, Phizzick."

"It has. But you still haven't answered my question. What does your mostly dead friend have to live for?"

From the tomb's center, there came a sound. Low and muffled, but distinct, and in Anakron's voice.

"Trruuueeeeee loooovvvvvveeeeeeeee."

Panakeia gasped. "He spoke! He's alive!" Her spirits soared. "And he wants to live for..."

"Blue gloves." Phizzick broke in to complete the sentence. "Not much to live for, if you ask me. He's obviously talking about those Blue Wizards, and if there's anything I hate, it's the Blue Wizards. Especially since they fired me."

"That's not what he said! He said true love. You all heard him." In nodded. "The wizards fired you?" Panakeia asked.

"They did. Said my magic wasn't quite up to snuff. My cures kept going wrong. Pack of lies. All I needed was a good MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato. It's great. You ought to have one sometime."

"Maybe. But, Phizzick, please. Help Anakron. You heard him. True love. It's a wonderful thing to have. And he doesn't like the Istari either. That's how he got into this mess to begin with."

Phizzick squinted at her. "You're right. True love is a great thing. I know." He squinted harder, and Panakeia held her breath, terrified that he would accuse her of breaking his heart. "And as much as we're alike with our cures and all, that's why I'm glad we split up. I'd never have found my wife otherwise."

Waves of relief rushed over Panakeia. It was alright between them after all.

Phizzick kept talking. "Yes. What's it been? Almost thirty years now? Must be. But you say it's true love?"

"Yes. It is."

"Well, well. Can't let anything get in the way of that." He began to rummage through his pockets. "Let's see. MLT wrapper. Not that. And another MLT wrapper. Hmm. Where is it? Ah! Here it is!" He held out a shiny golden package in his palm.

"A chocolate?" Panakeia raised an eyebrow, recalling her own dubious cures.

"Not just any chocolate. This has something special. Practically guaranteed to revive the slightly alive part of anyone."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"Then he's no worse off than he was before. What have you got to lose?"

That was true. Panakeia unwrapped the candy and put it in Anakron's mouth. Then, unable to bear the suspense, she turned and leant with her forehead against the wall of the crypt.

Startled gasps came from the three watchers. Then footsteps. Footsteps in Panakeia's direction. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a balding, bespectacled man with a huge grin under his beard.

"Hi. Good to see you again. Well, as me. I've been here all long, you know." He winked.

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Smilog stomped his way from Mount Zoom in a fierce and frenzied way; in all respects, this was a Dwarf who had had a bad day. He grumbled and moaned, swore and spat until he just frowned as he stomped. "I blame you for this," he muttered, "Roggie! You and your blasted mountain." Khuz hobbled along a little behind his son and eventually had to cough loudly in order to get his attention. Smilog turned swiftly on his heel and then sighed in annoyance as he watched his father hobble closer.

"You do know that there is a huge battle about to start?" queried Smilog, "only, by the time we get there it'll be over and maybe a whole different battle will have started; one that we have nothing to do with."

"Shut up!" shouted the old Dwarf, "my legs aren't what they used to be. Why couldn't that lass take us to the Battle in the Zoom?"

"She said it was too dangerous and quite frankly I'm glad to see the back of it."

They marched on, slowly and angrily; stomping their feet as hard as they could and with great intent of making as much dust fly up as they could. Weather this was to try and make a mysterious effect was was a mild coincidence, no tale tells, but most accept that it was the latter.

Above the black clouds of Mordor the moon was rising, it's great face's light unable to penetrate the rush hour like traffic of the clouds and so the moon felt rather unhappy and left out and so went off to sulk. Birds flew just below the clouds, circling around the grave yard awaiting their feast or, at least, light snack depending on who won. The stench of upturned soil and bellowing geezers filled the air, forcing the Dwarves to cover their noses and make unsavory faces.

There was a disturbance in the air; the silence of the land was broken by a most unearthly sound....


Mixed with an eery and haunting;

BOOM... boom-boom-boom... BOOM...boom-boom-boom... BOOM

"War drums," murmured Khuz, "we have little time." forgetting their annoyance, the Dwarves hurried along the path with as swift a pace as they could. Leaping over rocks and roots that lay in their way and panting like fat children in a cross country marathon. Within a few swift minutes they came to the gate of the grave yard, yet as they stood beneath the arc of the gate, an eery voice trailed over their heads...

"Trruuueeeeee loooovvvvvveeeeeeeee."

"Blue gloves?" said Smilog, "who's going on about blue gloves at a time like this?"


Tollin's eyes fixed on where the sound of relentless quacking was coming; wereducks were something one didn't forget in a hurry. The Barrow Wight's golden hilted sword some how managed to glisten in the dim light of the Mordorian night. A red gem glowed in the guard and the pommel bore words in the Numenorian language. Not that The Barrow Wight had ever read them, that Sword had spent most of its life on a shelf above his fire place, he wasn't even sure if it was sharp.

"Looks like a terrible business, old chap," said the Wight, "they say were ducks can bight your face right off!"

"Who says?"

"Erm..." The Barrow Wight looked upwards and rolled his eyes around, "I'm not sure. But I'm sure whoever it is that said it, did indeed say it."

"I've never heard that," mused Tollin, "in fact, you're the only one I've heard say it. For all I know, the 'they' you speak of might be you. You don't have schizophrenia by any chance?"

"QUACK!" from behind them, the ghastly noise rose like... well... a rising sound. Almost instinctively, Tollin lifted his Morning Star and sung it down in the direction of the sound. There was an almighty 'splat' and a fading 'quack'. They lowered their heads and there, beneath the spikes and ball of the Morning star, lay the body of a wereduck; splattered.

"By Jingo," said The Barrow Wight, "looks like the blighter died instantly."

"You!" came an oddly familiar and probably bearded voice, "I thought you were surly dead!" Smilog trotted up to the Minotaur and the dead man and remarked, "you look right at home here, Mr Wight."

"Gosh." said The Barrow Wight.
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Igor stood alone in the corridors of Mount Doom, having watched as Smilog and crew, Anakron and finally Skittles all ran off in different directions and in varying degrees of madness. He had the strangest feeling, as though he was supposed to be somewhere else, but as he didn't have any idea where this other place was he headed down to the now unoccupied chambers that had housed the Gondorian negotiators and fetched his ear instead of worrying about it. After all, these things generally seemed to sort themselves out in the end.

Even with both ears now attached the mountain was eerily quiet. Igor had got used to the antics of the other diplomats, as well as the steady noise of the orcs and guards that constantly moved around, but now there was no one in sight. Walking past an open door he saw a chair lying on the floor with papers scattered around it. In the great hall a goblet was slowly spinning in circles on the table, as though it had just been dropped there. He heard a cry from the hallway outside the room and darted out to see what was happening, watching in astonishment as an orc vanished into thin air with a quiet 'pop', his uneaten dinner falling to the floor with a crash.

The Dweomer? Igor wondered to himself as he crept towards the site where the orc had disappeared, but he dismissed the idea. He hadn't seen Anakron or heard his maniacal laughter in too long for it to be him doing this, and since the thing was stuck on ISMs at the moment it seemed unlikely to be the cause of all these strange events, unless there really was such a thing as a vanishISM.

Still musing to himself the sudden appearance of two tall men clothed all in blue caused Igor to emit a very undignified shriek and fall backwards, wincing as he felt himself land in the peas and gravy the orc had been about to eat. Glaring up at the culprits of this embarrassing incident Igor opened his mouth to give them a piece of his mind (not literally of course, he could unpick a few stitches, remove a bit of brain and give it to someone but he'd found he didn't tend to get it back very often and so rarely did it these days) but as his eyes travelled up he realised that perhaps that was not such a good idea.

"You're the Blue Wizards." He told them, and then rolled his eyes at himself. 'Way to be Captain Obvious.' He thought, before cursing at the valley girl language he'd just used. "What are you doing here?"

"Quack." Was the initial confusing answer, or so Igor thought. But as his mind caught up with his ears he realised that it had not been a person that had said that. Fear gripped him.

"Getting that." Came a grim reply, this time from above him.

Dreading what they were about to see after that noise Igor's eyes followed the extended finger of the Wizard closest to him, one moving somewhat faster than the other. Eventually though both eyes found themselves staring at the same horrifying sight. Leaping up out of the mess and behind the Wizards Igor peeked round their robes in shock.

"A - a - a Wereduck? In Mount Doom? Why? How?"

"It does not matter. It is in the wrong place and it will be moved. As will you."

Igor opened his mouth again to protest but found himself interrupted by the same small pop he had heard before. The noise echoed, getting louder all the time, and a blue light surrounded him as the corridors faded away. Suddenly the noise stopped and Igor lurched forward, landing on his hands and knees in what looked very much like a graveyard, facing a very disgruntled looking Wereduck.

Petrified Igor didn't so much as wait for the creature to blink (if indeed Wereducks do). A sprint start from his position on the ground had him heading away from certain death and into uncertain possible harm, as well as towards the voices that were, thankfully, coming from somewhere the Wereduck was not.
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The balding, bespectacled, and grinning man who had tapped on Panakeia's shoulder, watched Panakeia as her face twisted from blankness to surprise to consternation to .... well, to something he couldn't quite make out: wonder? curiosity? the need to find a restroom? Unsure which it might be, he shrugged.

"You know, you really do look prettier without all that glop on your face."

She was still staring at him as if she had not been able to get her mind quite in gear.

"Say," he asked, "do you remember the last time we had words? Do you even know who I am?"

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Blue gloves and true love being what they were, the entirety of the tomb knew this situation was simply built to be dramatized.

"Aime..." Alli whispered to his lips in the shadows, "we're not alone. How have they not seen us yet?"

"I could stab them all swiftly."

"Aime, that's not my point. Maybe it is. Oh, Aime! Panakeia and Anakron and various and sundry extras, and I'm almost certain I heard Smilog, though I could so easily be wrong... and a man from Panakeia's past and blue gloves, Aime, blue gloves!"

"I know..." He didn't.

"Aime, everyone knows that blue gloves are symbols. Ceremonial garb for those serving the darker powers. Blue gloves! Oh, Aime! Blue gloves, and from Panakeia and Anakron, oh what shall I do! Where shall I turn!? We are trapped in this very small, cramped, dark, badly lit, slightly smelly, certainly damp and a bit moldy tomb that may or may not contain corpses, and we are not alone!"

"Shh, they'll hear you."

"Aime, there is only one exit, and they are between us and it, and the wolves," the sound of howls punctuated the moment, "are closing in, and blue gloves! They've turned on me, Aime. The Wizards and Wolves aren't enough, but my friends have betrayed me and block my escape! How shall I ever survive?"

And thusly, Alli swooned into his arms and whether their companions in the former resting place of the former Grand Anakronist heard any of their exchange, they did indeed block Alli's exit, and Alli did indeed believe them to be secret wearers of Blue Gloves. Things, to put it lightly, had just taken a turn for the worse.
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"Do you even know who I am?"

Panakeia continued to stare. Slowly, she answered, "Yes. Yes. I do know who you are. Elempí. We met in Dol Gaurgauroth." Her mind traveled back, as it was wont to do, and she relived the first moments of their acquaintance.

Anakron seemed to split in two. Out from Anakron walked a balding, bearded, and bespectacled nincompoop who smiled stupidly at everybody else, trying hopelessly to fit in as quick as possible.

"This, my friends, is my abstemious alter ego, Elempí, a most embarrassing figment, no doubt you can see right away."

Yes. That same man now stood before her. Elempí, Anakron's usually carefully hidden alter-ego.

"Well that's good. For a minute there, I thought you forgot."

"No. I didn't forget. I - I just wasn't expecting - Phizzick! What happened?"

The miracle-healer shrugged. "Beats me. I guess this was the part of him that was still alive. The part that was talking about true love and such. If you don't like it, talk to my lawyer."

Elempí looked ready to pout. "What's wrong? Aren't you happy to see me?"

Was she? Could she accept that Anakron was no longer Anakron, but instead had transformed into his alter-ego? Would Elempí turn out to be the holder of the good in Anakron, as the Grand Anakronist had claimed more than once? Would Panakeia and Elempí live happily ever after, after all? That future all hung upon Panakeia's reply to a simple question. Was she happy to see Elempí again?

Panakeia's lips began to form their answer, but just then a soft thump echoed in the chamber.

"What's that?" she whispered, startled by the disturbance.

In drew his sword. "We shall see." With the expert swordsman in the lead, the group turned towards a dark corner of the crypt, not knowing who or what they would find in its recesses.

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The noise of the war drums was getting louder and faster; the earth was slowly begging to shake, causing some of the older standing stones to crumble or fall down. A great stomping began somewhere in the south accompanied by the faint sound of fell horns.

Smilog ate some jelly babies.

"I say," mused The Barrow Wight, "what the devil do you think those fellows will do?"

"Kill us all?" suggested Khuz, "but just why is another question. Those Blue wizards really do have a bee in their bonnet about something."

"It's times like this," said Smilog, "that I wish I had paid more attention during those political meetings." They agreed that this may have helped. But now they faced the south and could see a great black mass in the distance marching to join the greater mass of the main army. A blue flame leaped up from somewhere in the middle of the army, revealing, for a second, evil faces covered in fur and nasty stuff. The Barrow Wight trembled and placed his sword back in it's scabbard.

Tollin walked forwards and said, "I think we should investigate. Look, there is a ridge over there that we might get a good view from and not be seen." lacking anything else to do, save sit and wait for death, the others agreed and they tracked along the path with their heads down. Smilog cast his hood over the top of his helm and placed a hand on his axe haft while The Barrow Wight wrapped his torn cloak close about his person. Tollin alone seemed confident of, well, anything.

Within a few minuets of walking from the cemetery, they came to the ridge and lay on the floor. Smilog crawled to the edge and peered out. "What can you see?" asked Tollin.

"Terrible things," replied the Dwarf, "there are millions of them. Werewolves, orcs, trolls, were ducks and I think there are a few rhinoceroses." He bent his eyes to where he thought the blue flame had come from, then, holding out a hand to The Barrow Wight said, "pass me your spy glass, I want to see if the Blue Wizards are out there." The dead man obliged and Smilog fixed it to his eye.

He swooped across the terrible force, it's banners displaying the most awful symbols imaginable. Then, all of a sudden, he dropped the spy glass. "Oi!" cried The Barrow Wight, "do you know how much that cost?" The Dwarf scrambled off the ridge desperately.

"I think he saw me!" he cried,

"Who?" asked Tollin,

"Pallando!" said a voice from behind them. They turned to see the Wizard standing tall and menacing, his staff pointed towards them. He laughed and cocked his head, "did you really think you could spy on me? Well, what think you of my little... party?" he grinned.

"I've seen bigger." said Tollin

"No you havn't!" objected the wizard, turning to face the Minotaur, "I've researched middle Earth history, there has never been such a force! Now. I seem to remeber that Alatar was about to kill you, Dwarf, but he's a bit busy at the moment, so I'll do it!" He stepped closer, a blue light illuminating his staff and an evil grin covering his face. He took another step...

All of a sudden there was a cry from above and an orange blur flew out of the sky and landed on Pallando, knocking him over the ridge. the Orange wizard, 'Flash', stood before them, obviously at the end of some long song and dance routine.

"And that's why I'm so great! Woof!" he cried in an upbeat tempo. He threw back his head and laughed upon seeing Smilog and the others. "Well, paint me purple and call me Sharon, it's you, Beard man!"

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It was soft and echoed. The narrative insisted it. One cannot disagree with the narrative. Elempí chose not to. He was too intent on going with the flow as long as the flow meant a happy Panakeia that he was what was left of Anakron.

Wolves howled in the distance. The not so distant distance.

Elempí took a turn, to the left. Which was for the worst. Because it faced the crypt. The swordsman led the way, which was just as well as far as Elempí was concerned. He tried to make sure that he was as close as he could be to Panakeia, preferably in front of her, or at least by her side. So it was with (only) mild chagrin that he found himself following her.

Wolves continued to howl in the distance. The not so distant distance. Quite near, actually.

The swordsman yelled. Another swordsman, or so Elempí assumed, for swordsmen were wont to yell in the midst of battle - and this sounded bloodcurdling and ferocious enough to be a battle cry.

But their cries didn't drown out the howling wolves in the distance. The not so distant distance. Quite near, actually. In fact, Elempí felt a very unwelcome tap on his shoulder. How did I end up behind everybody else? He turned, the hair on his neck rising, and looked at a very unpleasant maw that was opening wider.

"Lûgnût, don't yawn so close to me. Your breath stinks. And the wind of it raises the hair on my neck. What do you want, anyway?"

"Sorry. But I'm scared."

"Oh for cryin'-"

The wolves howled. The swordsman battlecried. But no swords clashed. Elempí began to wonder if they were just putting on a show of courage. At least it was free.

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Angawen's head throbbed.

She realized vaguely that she was horizontal. The ground under her seemed hard - could it be a bed? But she had a pillow.

Perhaps, she thought, I should stop thinking. It seems to make this headache worse. The thought passed through her head suddenly, and she was shamed that a woman of Gondor could display such frailty.

She opened her eyes. Darkness poured in, but it was just enough to see by: the rough, arched roof of a cave. Her face contorted in pain - even this light seemed like torture - but she let no renegade thoughts flow through her mind.

For a long time, it seemed to her, she lay there, gazing absently at the stone ceiling. She had not the energy for anything else. And then, suddenly, she blinked, and the roof was gone, and there was a face.

If she had had the energy, she would have cried out - not screamed, of course, but cried out. For in the pale face burned two eyes of flame, such as she imagined the lord Sauron, or even Morgoth himself must have looked ere his casting into the void. But the nose was flat, with small slits for nostrils.

"Do not move," he said, and his voice was high, like a woman's, and yet all the more chilling for it. "It will be the worse for you." She lay still, not knowing what to expect, but feeling that it would be better to wait and realize her situation before attempting an escape.

"Who are you?" she asked, and her voice was hoarse and stony so that she barely recognized it.

"Questions. I knew you would ask them. So I have kept you here in sleep for many days, hoping to avoid them. I will not suffer questions," and he spoke the last word with a fierce vehemence. And yet Angawen seemed to be getting information out of him: she had lain here for a long time, and he appeared to be a kidnapper. Perhaps she could wheedle more out of him - already her headache was receding.

She was about to reply when he thrust a cup into her hand. "Drink this." She peered into the cup, expecting some sort of hideous brew, but it was simply water. She said so aloud.

"Of course it is water. You have need of hydration, do you not? And food. Here, take this," he replied shrilly, and shoved a stale loaf - it's always a stale loaf - into her face.

"Put that down. I'll eat it myself," she said, annoyed, and sat up. She drank from the cup and ate the loaf as he watched her. She eyed him more thoroughly now. He was dressed all in black, in long robes.

When she had finished, she wiped the crumbs from her bed - for it was a rough bed indeed - and handed the cup back to the man. "It is refreshing," she said, "to sup and to drink, especially if I have lain here for several days as you claim. I am surprised I did not require nourishment before now."

He didn't seem pleased at her talking, for he scowled, but he replied nonetheless. "Fool. I placed you under a spell of sleeping. You had no need of nourishment in such a sleep."

"Then it was kind of you to wake me, good sir...?"

He ignored her question, but stooped to the ground to pick something up, she couldn't see what. "Kind it certainly was not. I am not known for... kindness," he hissed. She could well believe it. "My wand is broken. And so, therefore, is the spell. And so you, whom I wished asleep, have awoken."

"I have many friends. They will search for me."

He smiled, but it was a grimace that made his face appear yet uglier. "No doubt, no doubt," he said. "No doubt their memories are intact. No doubt there are no spells of oblivion upon them. For the Lord Voldemort would not see to that."

She jumped out of the bed, but before she could escape, Voldemort lifted the thing he was holding. It was a vase, and it connected with her head, and everything was darkness again as shards of ceramics fell around her.

Some pierced Voldemort, and he squealed, "buggrit!"

He sat, his hand bleeding, and thought a while. His wand breaking was most inconvenient, but what could you do? He was worried - would the forgetfulness charm he had cast on all the ambassadors wear off? They were different kinds of spells. Still, even if they did wear off, they would not find him here in this cave.

He chuckled to himself. Yes, perhaps it would be better if they remembered Angawen... In fact, if he made himself known to them, that could be all the better. It would cause strife. Strife between Alli and Dracomir, perhaps. Perhaps Dracomir could be drawn to him. And the Anakronist... he would be angered at the Blue Wizards, Voldemort's allies and pedagogues.

Voldemort chuckled to himself again. He would show himself to one of the ambassadors, yes. He needed to pop into town to buy a new vase anyway. Gathering his cloak, he swept out of the cave, giggling all the while about the perfect evil: RPG crossovers.
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Aimé's eyes darted around, trying to pierce the darkness. It was an undertaking never likely to succeed: he had poor night-vision at the best of times, but right before they had entered the tomb he had competed in a kind of staring contest with a torch. He knew it was stupid but he couldn't help himself. Flames were so sparkly and dramatic. Ooooh...

Snapping back into focus, Aimé realised that Alli had taken partial leave of her senses, so it was indubitably time to use his best one: touch. Keeping a hold of Alli's hand, he shuffled around the crypt, feeling tentatively.

"Cold, so cold!" as he touched the wall.

"Slimy, so slimy!" as he brushed against what appeared to be a melted gastropod.

"Argh! Moving!" as he found a creature clearly as alive as he. It emitted a low buzzing noise and fluttered away. Aimé thought it was probably the size of a small dog.

"Wha....t'ave we here?" as he came across a hole in the wall. It was the size of a window.

Alli was still unresponsive, and Aimé took the chance of leaving her to her own devices for a few seconds while he explored his discovery. He felt about in the black. It was like a high step, around four feet off the ground. Clambering up swiftly, Aimé found out that the hole was another five feet high, and three feet wide. It extended about—

He paused. There was a chink of light in front of him, probably about six feet into the hole. Stooping down and stumbling over to it, he almost tripped over something. Having kicked the thing over, he saw it clearly, for a ghostly glow was around it.

"Alli! Alli! Come see what I've found!" he said excitedly in a low voice. He climbed out to find her.
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A shiver went down what remained of The Barrow Wight's spine. Flash was walking back from his confrontation with Alatar and Pallando. Tollin lent against a tree, but it collapsed; fortunately, none of the army noticed this and continued to talk amongst themselves. The Orange Wizard stepped up to where Smilog and the others were, his face was down cast and he gripped his staff tightly.

"Well?" said Smilog, "what did they say?" Flash lifted his head and then shrugged.

"The blighters are stubborn," he replied, "said they're going to destroy Mordor and then Gondor and whoever else they feel like having a go at. Pfft. You know what this means?" Smilog shook his head, "It means, I've got to go to Gondor! It looks like I've got a lot of work to do! Woof!" He lifted a hand and a mysterious length of rope dropped out of the sky; Flash took hold of it, saluted and then was off, swinging into the distance.

"I hate him," grumbled Smilog. They looked out over the vast mustering army, the end of it could not be seen; rank upon rank, battalion upon battalion, an immense force. "Could be worse, I suppose." the Dwarf mused, "wait... no it couldn't."

Making their way back to the graveyard, Tollin and The Barrow Wight noticed that a dim white light could be seen in the west. The Wight pointed at it and said, "I say, what do you make of that?" The others shrugged and they marched on. As graveyards go, this one was particular downcast; nothing moved, even the other ATM2 characters that were gathered there. A silence had fallen broken only by the occasional sounding of a distant war-horn, telling all that another battalion had arrived.

Smilog and Khuz noticed a large tomb near to where they stood, "Shall we... erm... investigate it?" suggested Khuz,

"You mean, 'shall we hide in there'?" corrected Smilog, "yes, I think that would be good." The stone door stood open like the gaping mouth of a particular stupid puffer fish. Tollin was taken back by the seeming lack of a stench of death which he usually associated with places like tombs.

"I say, this isn't right old chap," mumbled The Barrow Wight, "I've seen a fair few tombs in my time, and by Jove I was in one for a while, but this one doesn't-" they stopped as the sound of voices came into hearing. Footsteps also and the sound of someone breathing heavily; like an old man with a child's toy in his throat.

"Oh for cryin'-" said a voice, but it was cut off by the sound off battle cries. Smilog had learned to tune it out by now, but the atmosphere of the crypt had the effect of heightening it. Before you could say 'Why, hello thar', a sword was pressed up against Smilog's neck and a collection of figures towered over them in the dim light.

"I say," muttered the Wight, lighting his pipe, "aren't you that wizard fellow? The one who's been involved in all this trouble?"

"Erm..." said Elempi, "sort of, yes... no... a bit. It's complicated."


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"Not just any graveyard," said Elrogorn darkly. "This graveyard has a long history of association with forces of evil."

"Do you care to explain that cryptic comment?" asked Maika.

"No," said Elrogorn flatly. "It is a long and depressing tale, and would probably rend Lord Hyarmenwë's flesh from his ears with its anakronistic subtext. Let's just say we should leave post-haste."

"It seems safe enough... if dark and eerie," said Maika.

"I rather must disagree," said Elrogorn. "Especially as the Wereducks seem to be attempting to batter their way out of the tunnel. I give it no more than five minutes."

"What's the best way out?" asked Hyarmenwë, his sword drawn--perhaps a bit foolishly in light of his dwindling stamina.

"There is but one way out," said Elrogorn, "the main gate, over yonder."

Lightning lit up the sky as Elrogorn waved his arm in the direction of an iron-wrought gate several hundred yards away.

"Surely we can just hop the fence," said Maika. "This is just a graveyard, after all."

"A graveyard with an electric fence, electric chair, and guard-electric eels," said Elrogorn, to Maika's disgust. "I told you, it is a place of dark evil."

"Then let's move on to the gate," said Hyarmenwë, already setting in that direction.

"I wouldn't do that, personally," said Maika. "There's quite a number of dark silhouettes over there. Dark silhouettes in a dark graveyard being periodically lit up by eerie lightning is simply dangerous."

"I am ignorant of such anakronistic thoughts, and intend to remain so," said Hyarmenwë resolutely. "And if you ever wish to escape Mordor, I would advise you to not allow yourself to be ruled by such thoughts. They could be perfectly innocent people, or at least better than the... ducks..."

Maika looked at Elrogorn for support, seething somewhat at the old man's insistence that she intended to leave Mordor, but instead of supporting her as Mordor's most clichéd denizen ought to have, he agreed with Hyarmenwë.

"The Wereducks are right behind us," he said. "Lord Hyarmenwë is right-- not even Sauron and a death metal rock band of Balrogs would be worse."

Maika sighed, but followed the two men towards the gates. Lightning crackled overhead.

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The Wolf Slays Many Plot-Holes

It was really very good to be a werewolf at night, Tom reflected. No one could touch you! Except Hunters, but they were usually sabotaged by the supplies of Seer-attracting crossbow bolts wolves had slipped them at earlier points...

"Sound editing team. You out there?" he growled.

"Yes", a sepulchral voice grinded in reply.

"Have you got Ominous Music Album #2 ready to go?"

"Yeah...wait...that would be Dies Irae, Verdi, then Beethoven's Mighty Fifth, a spot of Prokofiev, Shelter from the Storm, Joni Mitchell's 'River', Godfather, Marcia Religiosa..."

"All good so far."

"And then, maybe, The Two Towers, beginning of track 5, for the heroic moment when you're inevitably slain by some valiant warrior?"

" that negotiable?"

""Really, you haven't got the first idea of this Werewolf lark, have you, you silly little public-school boy from Kensington?" the voice crackled, in a tone that was not so much sepulchral as plain nasty.

Then it was stopped by a protracted, rather smug, howl, and from behind a convenient bush came a very, very, large wolf, with a funny little white object dangling at its neck.

"Your Night ends here, pretty-boy," it said, its voice deep, mad, and generally indicative of the fact that the wolf in question was none other than Fenrir Greyback, prime lupine nasty of the Harry Potter canon.

"You!" Tom gasped. "You've followed me all this way, eaten my sound crew, and stolen my iPod-nano-mega-hyper-infra-.3 player!"

"Yeaaah. And k'know what, your music's pathetic, boy. When I was a young wolf, I always killed to the sound of punk. Now...prepare to die!"

Tom Felton manouevred to one side as his foe charged past.

"If you attack, we both die, you know," he said hurriedly. "The Werewolf Rules dictate it."

"The Rules are subject to the Dweomer like everything else, boy. The Blue Wizards have sent me. Trust me, I'll be examining your entrails in no time..." and the older wolf pounced again, only for Tom to wriggle out of reach.

"Aunt Bellatrix and Professor Snape will kill you for this!"

"Wrong. They will, actually, kill you if you get out of this one somehow. You are no longer a Malfoy, Felton. You were disowned by a solemn family picnicking gathering yesterday. The vote was unanimous."

"Great," Tom remarked. "The schizophrenia was getting boring. But I'm still a werewolf. We have a common interest in getting the Seer. I know where she is."

"So do I," Fenrir answered. "In a cheesily spooky graveyard. That's perfectly obvious. I intent to eat Seer as plat principal; you, lad, are just the hors-d'oeuvre."

Wondering where Fenrir had learnt French, Tom decided to resort to desperate measures.

"Alright. Um, Illamatar is great, Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard ever, Sam Gamgee is pretty brave actually, and, er, I love Harry Potter, and all Muggles. Furthermore...I am a Muggle."

The effect of this wholesale sacrifice of Malfoy principles was instantaneous. Fenrir Greyback was struck by a bolt of lightning which singed off most of his fur and knocked him out, Snape, Bellatrix and all other Harry Potter characters were consigned to the Waste of Narrative Irrelevance, and Tom found himself a wolf no longer.

"Lumos," he said, holding out his wand. As he had suspected, nothing happened. He chucked the stick over his shoulder and ran, as fast as he could, towards the graveyard.

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Angawen woke up suddenly.

Escape! Escape!

All Gondorian restraint gone, she jumped out of the bed. It was dark, but she could see stars framed in the entrance of the cave, and she made for them. Aiya Earendil elenion ancalima! Aiya Varda, tari i elenion. She mused on how the stars so often gave hope to the West, and ran with all the energy she could muster.

She felt surprisingly strong for all the days of capt - no, she would not think of the anakronistic spell, or of the whereabouts of Voldemort, her captor. She did not know that it mattered little anyway; they had been consigned to the Waste of Narrative Irrelevance.

Making the entrance of the cave, she saw a great field of tombs in the moonlight. The cave she had been held in was in the base of a cliff bordering a graveyard.

She ran out into the graveyard, stumbling, wanting only to escape from her captivity. She saw gates in the distance, and she made for them, hoping thus to find civilization - what passed for it in Mordor - and gain directions to Mount Zoom.

Suddenly, she saw that on a path to her left and some way ahead of her were three people, also making swiftly for the gates. She recognised the tall gangly figure of Hyarmenwë, and the slight Maika. With them was a man whom she did not know.

Regaining her posture, she called "Hyarmenwë! Lord Hyarmenwë!"
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When Aimè left Alli momentarily, she spared no time for logic and went off on her own. She stumbled over bones and managed to leave the tomb without anybody seeing; an impressive feat, given her own Sight was a bit off kilter.

She walked on two planes. In one, her boot lace snagged on a jaw and it crackled along behind her. In the other, stars shone brightly all around her and it wasn't so much as she walked as that she floated very calmly and certainly in the center of the universe. Illamatar was by her.

As her hroa fumbled into the night, her fea was, quite frankly, pretty chill.

When Aimè returned, his reaction went unnoticed by Alli's lack of proximity.

"Illamatar, why have you forsaken us?"

"I haven't. Do you doubt me?"

"I can't see."

"You're looking at me."

"Illamatar, that isn't fair. Why have my dreams disappeared? I used to know everything. I was the ideal spymaster. It was the economy of Mordor, for your sake. I didn't need spies, I just employed them. All of them. I shuffled papers and had Lola schedule and break appointments for me, and all of my workers had steady jobs and steady pay. None of them needed to work, I already had all of the information."

"You're whining."

"It was so easy! What did I do wrong? Why did you take away my dreams? The entirety of Mordor is ready to collapse! We're on the brink of war! Look--" She gestured to the reality in which her body lay sprawled over damp earth where she had tripped over a headstone. From their otherworldly vantage point, it was clear that the Ambassadors were surrounded.

Smilog and Co. strove with various wizards. Panakeia was busy with Anakron-istic love stuff. Angawen was... well... no sense in repeating the obvious. They were all busy, and they were all being closed in on by were-creatures of every make and model. Thunder boomed. Things were grim. The wizards cackled.

Hundreds of miles away, a surprise ending was beginning to occur. Roggie, King of Mordor, was ushering a cloaked stranger into his office, gesturing toward the warm fire.

In the cemetery, the sounds of howls kept getting louder. And louder. And more dangerous.

"Illamatar... why have you let the Blue Wizards do this to us?"

"I was bored."

Alli shrugged. It kind of made sense, after all. "But... we're all going to die--?"

The All-Mighty baaed.

Back on Middle Earth, Alli opened her eyes to find Tom Felton looking into them.
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The Long-Delayed Appointment.

Tom Felton stepped from behind a rather art-deco sarcophagus and gave Alli a startled look. Then he glanced quickly away, as if pretending he had not seen her, and started creeping off back into the shadows.

He reappeared a second later, having emitted a muffled cry, rather as if he had been kicked. Tom was, to be candid, a complete mess. His previously conveniently unobtrusive racing broom was now lugged over one shoulder, though he knew he would now be quite unable to fly it. Indeed it hindered his attempts at stealth slightly.

"Er, hello, Alli," he said weakly. "Sorry I'm er, a bit late..."

The scene suddenly blurred as Tom advanced. He tripped entirely over a crumbling headstone and fell on his face, covering himself in mud. He rose, staggered on and then contorted as if a hippogriff and slashed his arm. Desperate, he threw his hands forward...

"They're trying to stop me... the Ithr..."

An elder tree that simply had not been there before was in his way, and he had to stagger through a succession of branches that tore his robes apart. Cold, and rather modest, he swathed a silvery spare garment, forgotten about till now, about himself, then leant towards Alli in relief.

"Ha! I've triumphed over them," he said in satisfaction. "They could stop Malfoidacil, but they can't stop Tom Felton. Alli, I'm going to explain in detail. You see, I was once a werewolf, but I surrendered to the Power of love and worshipped Illamatar, so, if you get it, I'm, like, not a werewolf now, nor a wizard, if you know what I mean. I'm just a pretty straight kind of guy, y'know. Now, we have to act quickly. I need to warn your Hunter friend where to shoot. We're about to be threatened by Fenrir Greyback, who is now bald due to a fortuitous lightning bold but was not explicitly killed by the laws of narration; by Wereducks; and by Mario, again. Then we need to foil the Blue Wizards, and I have to apologise to Maika and confess my undying love to Skittles."

Alli really was a splendid spymaster, he reflected. So remote, untouchable, poker-faced. He admired her insouciance in the face of his stunning information; though she did look slightly puzzled.

The Inaudibility Cloak glinted around the excited ex-wizard's shoulders.

Somewhere, in the distance, wolves howled, one in French, one in Italian...
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The Barrow Wight stood atop the tomb of some great king of Mordor. It was tall and made of black stone, smooth to the touch and smelled of beans. His long black cloak swirled uncontrollably about him as he peered into the darkness where the great army was mustering. Smilog and Tollin were sitting on the edge of the tomb roof, throwing stones at passing birds and grumbling about the ill treatment Wizards had given them.

A fire leaped up somewhere in the distance; yet it was in the opposite direction to the army of the blue Istari. The Barrow Wight swung around to look at the new thing that was approaching. He gave a slight gasp.

"What is it?" asked Smilog, standing up

"It looks like..." replied the Wight, straining his eyes, "the casino staff from Mount Zoom. They are wearing armour made out of gold and bear swords made from what looks like beaten snooker tables."

Tollin picked up the telescope and looked out, "There are," he mused, "five hundred of them. Men and Orks." The new army filed into the Grave yard and began forming ranks in a circle about the great Barrow in the centre. The three oddlings (as they were later called) clambered down from the large tomb and made their way towards the centre of the Grave yard. Atop the hill they could see the flame that The Barrow Wight had spotted. It seemed to be burning bright, as if it were a challenge to the Wizards.

There was a large Orc holding a large stick that was on fire. He made a great cry and began to beat his chest. The rest of the army joined in until the noise was unbearable. Smilog leaped behind a tombstone.

"Gosh" said the Barrow Wight.

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Alli stumbled over herself yet again, uncertain of the alcohol content of her blood. She blinked a vision of Illamatar surrounded by stars from her tired eyes. Let this end, she thought wearily. Just let me end.

She thought of Mardil, married in Gondor, and the frequency with which he had saved her life once upon a time. She thought she had been in love. Falling in with Aimè had changed nothing, though she would never have said it aloud. She thought of Roggie ruling Mordor without the aid of his best friend.

Who would spend lazy nights curled before blazing fires if not those two?

Alli missed her private home in Ithilien, but she thrived on her position as official know-it-all. She missed relaxed mornings spent writing in bed, snuggling, and playing with a cat she may never before have mentioned. But now she too missed her drafty office with Lola and her three-pile paper sorting system. She missed the castle and casino gossip.

The weather waged on in its own private battle for good (warm front) and evil (cold front). The werecreatures gathered (with conviction). The subplots combined into one large climax (with the hesitation the werecreatures lack).

When Alli stumbled, Tom caught her and she met his eyes and saw in them mixed emotions. Gravity and a random edge or two of her gauntlets pulled the Inaudibility Cloak completely from his person and life was suddenly a bit more verbal.

Seeing the silvery folds of Inaudibility fall about him, Tom realised that his entire, vital, speech had gone entirely to waste. He ran his hand through his gorgeously pale locks and then said, rapidly:

"Alli, there are werewolves coming, as you can hear. Despite my best efforts, we are quite doomed."

"Totallement!" barked Fenrir Greyback as he hoved into view, still happily mauling the French language.

"I passed through the fire and the chasm," the beast growled, "and am Fenrir Greyback no longer! Now I am Fenrir Whiteback!"

"Actually, since the thunderbolt singed off your fur, you're more a sort of pinkish-brown," Tom commented, stepping straight towards the wolf.

"You'll regret this, Mudblood, renouncing your destiny as a Malfoy and a Werewolf..." the creature spat. It now became clear that he had a cohort; a smaller wolf, with an unpleasant red cap and a long-chewed cigarette in its mouth, had approached from another direction. Alli looked not so much frightened as exasperated at the sight of him, but, taken up with Fenrir, Tom did not spare the newcomer a thought.

Alli gasped at Tom's until-now-unknown identity. She wondered suddenly if he'd known she was the Seer. She wondered how the quiet meeting of friends that had never occured would have gone if it had ever managed to happen before now. She wondered if Mardil knew. She nearly sizzled with rage. And Mario. Mario! How bliddy many times was she going to have to kill the little monster?

She screamed frustration and yelled for Aimè. If Mario spoke, Tom could turn on her. Incredible and attractive fighter though she was, three werewolves jumping her was not her top choice of ways to spend her evening or die. She wanted to fall asleep one night in the unforeseeable future and never wake up.

As for Tom, he continued to concentrate fiercely on Fenrir Pinkback. "Come and eat me," he said nonchalantly.

"If you insist," Fenrir leered. He sprang forward, clasped the Kensington lad in his claws and lurched his head forward for the final, decapitatory bite.

"Fenrir," Tom observed, "haven't you noticed that I have long, blond, hair? Golden house of Finrod, anyone?" Then he shrugged and plunged his fairly pitiful body weight into the bald wolf's mass, appearing to feel no pain as the wolf's paws slashed at his back. The werewolf, on the other hand, writhed and recoiled and steamed and melted, in accordance to the Oldest Cop Out that Goodies Melt Baddies.

Tom turned to Alli, a horrendous mess, blood and ex-wolf slime smeared all over him.

"Thus," he said weakly, "has Tom Feltonagund redeemed his oath."

"You didn't swear any oath! And you're covered with slime! Don't come near me, wolf! Aimè, where are you!?"

"Don't," Tom gasped out. "My...agent...will...cast role...thinking...about...stage acting..."

Then he collapsed and his spirit departed from Arda, but probably returned to Kensington. Wolf-Mario stood by watching the proceedings, smoking boredly.

"Alli, Alli, you have to see this" whispered Aimé loudly. Scurrying through the maze of the crypt, he felt like he was trapped inside somewhere that only closely resembled reality. And he had a strange, unrealistic prize to show for it—a huge slab of gold.

He ran towards the flickering candlelight, but tiptoed the last few steps: an eerie atmosphere was all around. Plus, there were loud shouts and screaming coming from just around the corner. Aimé peered round.

"Aimé!" yelled Alli.

"You!" yelped a wolf wearing a red cap and smoking a cigar (probably the strangest wolf Aimé had ever seen).

"...urgh..." gurgled what appeared to be corpse, somewhat familiar-looking...

"Yeah, uh, hi" offered Aimé, too puzzled to be confused.

The wolf did a bizarre little agitated jig on the spot. "I will have my vengeance!" it hollered with a slightly spoof-Italian accented howl (probably the strangest wolf Aimé had ever heard).

Who is this freak? wondered Aimé. "Alli, I'm glad to see you! Look what I found!" He held up his golden prize.

"What that?....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" bellowed the wolf. "What fortune! What wonder! It is the Golden Coin! It is the Sixth Golden Coin!" He chuckled manically.

"All, please tell me what this... creature is" said Aimé, very slow on the uptake.

"I am Mario!" And with that, the wolf suddenly grew to four times his original size. Then seven seconds later, he returned to normal, apparently unchanged. What a lame superpower.

Alli stopped short and looked at Mario quizzically. For somebody with such impressive longevity, he was boring.

He suddenly darted and she cried out, never expecting him to answer, "What are you doing?"

And he called out, "Taking a shortcut."

"A shortcut to where?"

"To the mushrooms!"

And with that, Mario took advantage of the darkly moist soil of the cemetery and grabbed a handful of 'shrooms of all colors, as well as an herb or two. He chomped away at them, wolf-drooling spittle and Alli and Aime watched in horror as multiple tranformations took his already lupine shape and distorted it more.

Their longest lasting enemy grew to twice his former height and changed color schemes. He grew the tail of a raccoon and felt suddenly much warmer.

Alli dove on instinct as a fireball destroyed the patch of ground on which she'd been standing.

Mario was a flamethrower.

He suddenly spun his tale quickly and levitated. She swore.

Mario could also fly.

"Aime, we have to get to the mushrooms!" she screamed.

He said, "Okay."

Veering on impulse and ducking highly heated air, Alli began to sweat attractively. Her pale skin took on a dewy glow and her outfit (mostly leather, all custum-made) made men swear many oaths. She tucked and rolled, wincing as her own gauntletted wrist and fist crushed into her stomach.

She grabbed the only mushroom left behind and laughed as Mario froze in midair, his tail spinning, a fireball forming between his jaws.

"Look what I found, buddy. Bet you thought I didn't know!"

"Not the poison mushrooms!" he shrieked.

"Aime, now we know how he kept coming back. He had a secret supply of 1-up mushrooms. Extra lives! And he's a thief, we knew he was a thief in the prequel! He's been pillaging places for gold coins! For every hundred, he gets another life. It's why we can't kill him. He gets another replay every time!"

She turned on him, throwing the rarer fungus at him. He tried to incinerate it and missed. When it hit him, his tail disappeared and he fell to the wet ground. The rain had stopped. The world was oddly quiet.

She plucked several more and shouted, "It's time for GAME OVER!"

And so it was that, with the help of her perfect aim, Alli Umfuil, Spymaster of Mordor finally took down Mario-wolf. She pegged him with poison 'shrooms until every superpower disappeared and he lay snivelling before them. She considered calling Hookbill the Goomba to touch him... she knew Mario would die on contact. She decided it wasn't worth the effort. It would require a save and a conversation she was too lazy to have.

"Aime? Would you like the honor? You are the hunter."

And so Mario died.

Alli heard a gentle baa of approval in her non-corporeal ear.

Suddenly Alli and Aime were in a different part of the graveyard. Smilog and Co. stood beside them, and the Blue Wizards were towering ominously.

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"Who the Morgoth are you?" yelped The Barrow Wight as Alli and Aime stood blinking in the pail green corpse light. Tollin gripped Smilog by the shoulder and pointed to the north where two points of blue light could be seen getting closer.

Smilog swore and took out his axe, "It's those Wizards," he said, "what do they want now? Why doesnt their army attack?" A laugh leaped up from the Wizards as they drew nearer and before long, the towering forms of Alatar and Palando were before them as menacing as fire mountains.

"I'm telling you, rice salad exists and can be a great help!" Alatar was saying, Pallando punched him and stepped forward.

"We do not attack because we do not need to," snickered Palando, "do you see our army, Aime?" Alli and Aime quickly turned to look at the wizards, slightly shocked that they had even noticed them. They had been more interested in why The Barrow Wight was emitting such an odd glow. Palando laughed again, "where is the King of Mordor?"

"He is not here," said Alli, "so why don't you all go somewhere else and bother some other people?"

"Do not cross me!" boomed Alatar, raising his staff, "Canst thou not see I am mightier than thee?" blue clouds swirled around him and Alatar's eyes became like a raging inferno of blue fire. He raised his staff and began chanting strange words. But he stopped. He looked down and saw that a long, golden hilted sword had passed through his stomach.

The Barrow Wight trembled as he removed his blade and watched as Alatar struggled to maintain his balance. "I say," said the Wight, "sorry old chap." The Wizard made a loud cry of anguish before falling down to the ground, face first. Palando knelt beside him and placed his hand on his assistant's head.

Thunder boomed from withing Palando. "You!" he roared, "You are a dead man!"

"Well spotted," said the Wight before Pallando struck him in the chest with the staff. The flailing body of The Barrow Wight flew through the air until it was out of sight. The remaining blue Wizard took his sword in one hand and his staff in the other, raising both hands, thunder and lightning surrounded him. Smilog gripped Alli and Aime by the arms.

"Run!" said the Dwarf. No one dared argue with his logic. The roar of anger from Palando was heard in Gondor. Roggie, wherever he was, sensed a change in the winds. Elrogorn and the others stopped what they were doing for a moment. All the other characters looked towards the sound of the enraged Wizard and the tornado of blue fire that surrounded him.

Palando sent forth a beam of blue light towards Smilog and the others. Fortunately, he missed and succeeded only in unburying some corpses. The Wizard looked down at his fallen comrade and Lo! He was not there. The winds stopped, the magic stopped. Palando turned this way and that looking for Alatar's body but it was no where to be seen. He ran towards a large stone pillar and climbed up it. He saw, in the south, a strange light growing.

Smilog tripped over a tree root and fell upon his face. Tollin picked him up and carried him on his back. Alli and Aime didn't think to ask why Tollin, a minotaur, was helping. Quite frankly, they didn't care. "Look," said Aime, "some stone steps. We can get a better vantage point from up there!" Not bothering to ask what they wanted vantage on, they began to climb.

At the top, they found a shelf with several small pillars dotted around. They came at length to the edge of the shelf and turned around to look out over the grave yard. They could see clearly the army that had gathered in the centre, minuscule in comparison to the massive were army the Wizards had gathered. "Look!" cried Alli, pointing down the steps into the over growth bellow.

Smilog looked and beheld a figure, like an old beggar man, bent over a staff, wearing a long brimmed pointed hat. In other lands they would have greeted him with kind words, but here they stood silent, each feeling a strange expectancy. Something was approaching that held a great power or menace.

No longer able to contain himself, Smilog yelped, "Your bow, Alli, shoot him quick! It's Palando!"

"Hail and well met!" came the voice from the old man, "may I come up that we may talk more easily?" without waiting for an answer, the old man leaped up the steps and before they knew it, he stood before them. An old man, dressed in brown with a long thorny staff. "Well met, I say again, friends." The man stepped up towards Aime and said, "do you not know who I am?"

"Erm..." said Aime, "Radagast the brown?"

"No!" cried the Old man, leaping back and lifting his hat.

"Alatar!" shrieked Smilog,

"Alatar..." mused the Wizard, "Alatar the blue, that was what they used to call me. I am Alatar the brown. I come back to you now, at the... erm... something of the tide." He looked out over the grave yard, "See, Palando! I told you rice salad could help!"

"So..." hummed Alli, "are you going to kill us?"

"Yes." replied Alatar.

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The wind stirred about the shelf as Alatar the Brown stood as menacingly as he could before the group of odd individuals. Alli picked up a sword that was lying on the floor as a writer's convenience. Smilog drew his axe and Tollin his Morning star. Alatar raised his staff and laughed.

"Dost thou think that mortal blade canst harm me?" he cried, "thou fool! Thou FOOL! Do you not know death when you see it?" The earth trembled slightly as Alatar approached them. His brown robes began to whirl around as his wizardry began to take shape and his eyes blazed like a fire. Smilog lapped forward and swung his axe, but the Wizard moved his staff slightly and the dwarf was sent back down to the ground with a thud.

Alli held her sword up and said, "Before you kill us," she coughed, "I just need to know one thing. Why are you doing all this? Why Mordor?"

"It is coming!" replied the Wizard, "the battle."

"Yes," said Aime, "we can see that. There is that big army of yours over there."

"No," laughed Alatar, "the battle. The Dagor Dagroth. The end of the age. It is coming. Did you not hear the words of the seer?

'When the grey Wizard sheds his cloak
And the mountain is moved by dwarven folk
When the Black land is left abandoned
then the door of night will be opened.
War is begun by two powerful Mage
And thus will fall, the end of the age!'"

"Yes," coughed Aime, "but those are the words of Mal beer eth, the false seer. The only visions he had were from getting blind drunk."

"His methods were unusual," admitted Alatar, "but you cannot deny that some of it has come true. The wizard has shed his cloak... on many occasions. The dwarves have moved the mountain. War is begun by two powerful mage. Can you not see it is all coming true. The Dagroth is coming. We'd just like to be on the winning side."

"You're a loony," pointed out Smilog, "and your friend agrees does he?"

"Well..." Alatar thought for a moment, "why not? I think he does." The brown Wizard raised both his hands and grinned. " But now," he said, shaking his head, "Here we all end!"

"You first, old chap!" came a familiar voice, as a gold blade passed through Alatar's leg. The Wizard shrieked and fell down to his knees. The Barrow Wight crawled across the shelf to the other side, leaving a trail of blood as he went. Smilog stood up and kicked the Wizard in the face.

Alatar laughed, deeply and horribly. His face beamed brown light and his arms grasped his staff. The Wizard raised himself up and pointed his staff towards The Barrow Wight, saying, "You won't survive this time!" But at that moment, the sound of trumpets resounded around the grave yard. They were not the Wizards war horns. These were Gondorian horns.

The Wizard leaped off the shelf and ran as fast as he could back towards his army. Alli peered out in the direction the horn had come from and there she saw a group of nine riders, all dressed in purple with hoods over their faces. Their horses were jet purple with what she swore were yellow spots.

"What are they?" asked Smilog

"The farsegul," replied Alli,

"Gosh," said The Barrow Wight.
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Elempí had ducked behind a rock. Lûgnût was huddled beneath Elempí.

"What're you doing there, Lug?"

"It's safe by you, oh Grand Anakronist."

"But I'm not-"

A forlorn yet angry howl cut Elempí off in mid-denial.

Panakeia looked at them both, hands on hips and shaking her head. "Some warriors you two make."

"I'm not a warrior, I'm a lover."

"Shut up, Lûgnût," said Elempí, "and don't mimic my voice."

"What should we do?" Lûgnût whined.

"Stay out of the way of werewolves, sword wielding madmen, angry balrogs, and all-knowing omnipotent types. Not to mention armies."

"And watch out for Alatar the Brown and his purple riders," Panakeia said, pointing.

"But what should we dooooooo?" Lûgnût pleaded with irritating vehemence.

"Oh go snarl at somebody!" Elempí yelled dismissively.

Lûgnût pouted.

"Oh knock it off, Luggy, you're hopeless when it comes to battle and so am I. I belong in an ivory tower in Umbar. Or at least a jet black one, so long as it has books and scrolls and students that think my every word is golden gossamer lore. And you," he said to Panakeia, "quit standing there like you're disappointed that I'm not some kind of hero and come here out of the line of fire!" Elempí grasped her hand and pulled her beneath the rock. At least now the ugly Luggy cowering beneath him was offset by the winsome Panakeia beside him. He smiled.
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There were many unpleasant places in Middle-earth: the Dead Marshes, Barad-Dur before its fall (or so Panakeia had been told), a little tavern in anakronistic Mordor where men with unruly beards and strange devices drawn upon their arms wore black leather jackets and spoke of something called a Harr-Lee.

Panakeia would have preferred any of them to her present location. She had been standing in the midst of the battle, irritated by the absurdity of her companions. To start, Alli and company (Panakeia had not seen who was with the head spy) had slipped out a back door before she even had a chance to say hello. In Ego Toyota was continually shouting his name and announcing his fencing strategies to his opponents, giving them time to create a defense against his attack. The Blue Istari had mysteriously eschewed their usual colors for drab brown. And worst of all, Elempí was hiding under a rock with Lûgnût. Undoubtedly, under a rock was the safest place to be in all the mêlée, but oh! Wouldn't Anakron have been at the head of the battle putting these purple riders and whatever else turned up in their places, all the while with his black robes fluttering magnificently in the breeze?

A volley of flaming Crêpes Suzette flew at Panakeia's head, and Elempí snatched her hand to pull her behind the rock. There was an odd smile on his face.

Panakeia sighed. This was all still terribly confusing. Anakron. Elempí. They were one, and yet so different. Anakron had, of course, been her One True Love. But he was gone forever, replaced by his grinning alter-ego.

The battle grew. Arrows began to land around the stone and an ominous brown light flashed all around.

She had to tell him. Now. Before it was too late.

"Elempí...I...I..." Words failed her.

"What's the matter?"

"I...You asked me before if I was glad to see you." She looked down at the ground. "The answer is...Oh, Elempí! How could I be anything but glad to see you? It was you I loved all the time - you were the part of Anakron I always struggled to bring out. I don't know if we'll ever make it out of here, but I wanted you to know that. I love you."

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Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
The purple riders were at the head of the great army, Pallando the Blue and Alatar the brown were stood somewhere in the midst of things, grinning like mad-men. A horn sounded, then another, and another until the whole land was filled with the ringing noise. The army began to move; rank upon rank, battalion upon battalion, an endless sea of foes. Drums boomed and fell voices cried out. Banners were unfurled and swords were drawn. The Were creatures howled.

The Dwarf and his little band of odd folk stood atop the central hill in the graveyard. The leader of the Mordorian army that were alone here to defend them shivered in his armour. Alli gulped deeply and Aime took hold of a sword. Tollin finished putting The Barrow Wight back together and then drew his Morning Star.

"So," he sighed, "here at last is the end." Tollin breathed deep and looked out over the grave yard.

This was the fashion of the graveyard before the beginning of the battle: it was about a half mile in diameter, circular (almost) and containing many tombs. Grave stones were dotted all about the hillside and atop the great hill was a flattened slab, under which was buried some significant person who probably appeared in ATM 1. There were four gates; North, South, East and West. A fence of iron surrounded the place and spikes of steel had been forced into them.

The army of the Istari was surrounding the Graveyard; the noise of their trampling shook the bones of all who heard it. One of the Farsegul stood at each of the entrances, their purple robes looking like they had been preserved for years just for this moment. But so vast was that force that it was unlikely that they would be finished soon.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion below the hill. Smilog looked down and saw a strange figure forcing his way through the army of Mordor. It was a man who looked battle worn and swamp ridden. He fell at the feet of the Dwarf and panted like a dog who has swum the Anduin lengthwise... against the current.

"Andvari!" cried Smilog, "I thought you were dead."

"Nay, not so," he replied, raising to his knees, "but come, I have found the final clue. The greatest Gold hoard is in our grasp! Come away from this place and have gold a plenty!" The man's eyes seemed to be full of tears and desperation. He panted more and laid a hand on Smilog's shoulder, "We can escape through the tunnels and come to the hoard in a day or two. Shall we leave now?"

The Barrow Wight pointed out over the graveyard and said, "Sorry, Old bean, but can't you see we're a bit busy?"

"And can't you see that I am trying to save your friend from death?" Andvari shook his fists. But then, as if catching himself, he turned back to Smilog and smiled hopefully. "The gold is beyond count, sir."

Smilog stroked his beard and then turned his gaze all about. He looked at the forces of Mordor, gathered against all hope to fight to the death. Tollin, who, until recently, had spent his life in a labyrinth, now ready to die for the same lord who made him live there. The Barrow Wight who... Actually, he wasn't sure why he was here, but it was probably for some knobel and interesting cause.

"I'm sorry," said Smilog, "I have a thing to do here. It may be that I shall die here, this day. But this doom I take. Keep your gold, I do not want it." The eyes of Andvari widened in horror. He turned his head right and left, whimpering.

"You must come!" he cried, "they'll kill me it you-" he stopped and looked away, biting his lip.

"Who?" asked Alli, "who will kill you?"

Andavri made no answer, but stared at the ground. Eventually, he looked up and laughed a deep and haunting laugh. "My masters ordered it!" he cried, "Allatar told me, 'Take the Dwarf far away! He will get in our way. Tempt him with visions of gold and take him away and kill him.' So it was that I have followed you since the beginning. Oh, yes! But if you will not come away..." he sprang forward and landed upon Smilog. There was a yelp of pain and then Tollin tore the man away from the Dwarf. In his hand, Andvari held a knife, now stained with blood.

Smilog cried out in pain and Aime picked him up. The man laughed as the Mordorians pointed their spears at him. "Fools!" cried Andvari, "Fools! You cannot see it can you? Now there is no hope. The Dwarven army will not come for one of their kin shall not be in the battle."

"Yes they shall," cried the leader of the Mordorians, "We saw them mustering not one night ago. They will march with war against the Were creatures. They will be here before dawn."

Andvari twitched in Tollin's grasp. His plans were failing. But then, it seemed, that he laughed, or a voice from within him laughed. He raised his face and they saw that it was white and that his eyes were gone. Then, slowly, he began to chant:

The Great Hound Barked and the world turned white,
The Great Hound Sighed and the forest died,
The Wizard Blew His Horn. The Wizard Blew His Horn.
The snow snake hissed and the world turned round,
The snow snake grinned in his fine cold sin,
When The Wizard Blew His Horn. The Wizard Blew His Horn.
The horse wept blood and the earth did groan,
The tall horse reared from a lake of tears,
To seek a Champion. To seek a Champion.
The world was bleak and the Earth did fear,
The Wizard's Horn, the magic Horn.
So it screamed for a champion! It screamed for a champion!
The eagle laughed and the world grew black,
It stretched giant claws and it snatched the Law!
And the Champion stirred in his sleep! The Champion stirred in his sleep!

Andvari laughed and it seemed that a shadow grew about him.

"Look!" cried Alli, pointing to the North Gate. There stood Pallando with a great horn in his hand. He placed it to his lips and blew. The sound was like a thousand war drums and a thousand screams of terror. Andavri seemed to grow in stature, his face becoming like a hound. He was a Were wolf!

Thus began the Great Battle of the Grave Yard, of which many songs are sung. Few, correctly.
Will our heroes survive until dawn?

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"I love you."

Panakeia had said the words Elempí had hoped to hear ... some day. Today it seemed all too soon, and he was shocked.

"Oh boo hoo hoo!" blubbered Lûgnût. "I'm in romance heaven and all my vicarious dreams have been fulfilled! Kill me now! Boo hoo hoo!"

"Get hold of yourself!" Elempí said. "Nobody's going to kill you. Go find an Orcette somewhere and have your own romance. Just wait till after the battle."

He turned to Panakeia, his little speech to the ninny having given him a wee bit of time to get a grip on his own situation. For he felt something like courage rising from deep inside. It was something he had been sure was part of Anakron, but now that he knew she loved him, he felt like he could face anything, for her, and as long as she was there to stand with him. It was downright derring do! He smiled at her.

"Never doubt my love for you, Panakeia, my Valinor, my Silmaril! Together we can face anything! Even this battle. Come! Let's join the others. All we need is swords!"

"Oh boo hoo hoo!" cried Luggy.
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Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Andvari's form grew great and terrible. Fear went before him and dread followed his wake. All fled before before his face. All, save one. One figure, tall and broad with a heavy morning star drawn forth stood firm and would not flee before the Champion of Were Creatures.

The Barrow Wight leappad down the hill in amongst the hundreds of soldiers who rushed towards the army of Were Creatures who still poured into the grave yard. On his back, he bore Smilog the Dwarf. Smilog's eyes were bloodshot and his breath was short. He groaned and the rough ride went on. Yet, fortune had an odd plan for them, for at that moment, The Barrow Wight tripped on a stone and he fell forwards; Smilog landed on top of a large creature that was blubbering to itself.

Smilog lifted his head and cried out. Elempi quickly turned from what he was doing and stared at the Dwarf. The Barrow Wight scampered to his side and said, "I say, aren't you that Wizard chap?"

"Erm..." said Elempi, "sort of." Smilog cried out again, as his wound seemed to throw forth more blood. The Dwarf clutched at his shoulder and shrieked in pain. Elempi bit his lip and knelt beside the Dwarf. "There is some devilry in his wound," he said, "Dwarves are sturdy folk and should survive such a wound easily."

"Well?" said The Barrow Wight,

"Well what?"

"You know... do some jiggery pokery and get him on his old feet again."

"Jiggery pokery?"

"Or what ever the devil it is."


Tollin swung his morning star left and right, snarling as he did so. Andvari stood up tall in all his might; his great arms spread out and his fierce head facing the sky. The Wolf let out a mighty howl and then laughed. He reached behind his head and pulled a large sword from an unknown place (the tales say it was probably magic or something).

"You will not descend from this hill," growled Tollin, "If by my life or death I can hider thee, I shall. Get ye gone to the black abyss!" The Wolf laughed and swung his sword down at the Minotaur. Tollin leappad aside and lifted his Morning star up, spinning it on its chain. The great head of the weapon connected with the right arm of the beast. With a pain filled howl, Andvari thrust his arm into Tollin and pinned him to the ground with a single paw.

"Thou fool," grinned the Wolf, "Fool of fools! I am your doom! Die now and know that all thy trials are vain." In a fit of rage, Tollin bit the leg of Andvari, causing him to stumble backwards. Leaping in the air, the Minotaur swung his morning star down upn his adversary. But Andvari stopped his blow with his mighty sword and he let forth a deafening cry.

A tremor ran through the earth beneath them. Something was on the move. Andvari looked northwards and with his keen sight he saw the Dwarven host fast approaching. With a snarl, the were wolf struck out at Tollin, but he ducked and rolled between the feet of Andvari and then leaped upon his back.

With a cry, Tollin swung his Morning Star down upon the head of Andvari. There was a crack and a thud as the creature fell. Tollin stood atop the great beast and looked down at his fallen foe. With a cry, he leaped down the hill and passed all the forces of Mordor. He swung his great weapon, sweeping aside foes like leaves in a forest.


"What on earth is Jiggery pokery?" exclaimed Elempi. The Barrow Wight shrugged and stood up.

"You know, magic stuff." The Barrow Wight looked uneasily at the battle before them. "something that can at least get him on his feet for this dreadful thing."

Elempi looked up at Panakeia and sighed, "There is nothing I can do." he turned to the Barrow Wight, "I'm sorry." With bowed head, Elempi placed his hand on the Dwarf's shoulder and said, "I wish I could help. But all I remember is something about... oh, now it's gone again." He sighed again and muttered something under his breath.

With a suddenness that made them all leap back, Smilog sat up. The Dwarf looked at his shoulder and, though it was blood stained, there was no wound. "Looks like there is something left in you yet." said Panakeia.

"The Vala are merciful," muttered Elempi.

"Enough of this," shouted Smilog, drawing his axe, "to battle and death"

"To Death!" they all cried... Thus the winds of change began.
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