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Desultory Dwimmerlaik
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Shield Hard Winters Planning/Discussion Thread

** Please excuse this dusty old brain for not noticing the Downs had gasped to life once again....

Greetings, fellow players, here on the wide and rolling plains of Rohan!

This thread will be a place where we can discuss and plan the action and dialogue and what-not that is written on:

The Hard Winters RPG game thread -- happening circa Spring of 4th Age year 19, after a harsh winter.....

The new facilitators for this incarnation will be:

littlemanpoet, ably assisted by Nogrod



All new gamers to the RPG (that is, those who don't already have established characters bios on the Scarburg Meadhall Discussion thread) must submit an Abbreviated Character Description form to this thread when they place their first post on the RPG thread.

Abbreviated Character Bio Form



APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be):

(again, as brief or detailed as you wish):


Go ahead and start discussing your RPG plans here.

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Desultory Dwimmerlaik
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Players/Characters List (see below this part of the post for Thinlómien's list of characters according to profession/attachment)

("XX's" designating characters who won't be played from the Meadhall)

ArrySecg and Thystel - Fana's brothers/Granny Haesel's grandsons - WITHDRAWN FROM GAME


Scyld (aka Nydfara)
Folwren -
Saeryn - Eodwine’s wife
Eoghan and Ruari - Saeryn and Eodwyne's twins
Ledwyn(Her son, Theolain, died during the hard winter.)
Balan Bard
Legate of Amon Lanc
Eodwine (First Eorl of the Meadhall)
Rowenna (Wenna)

Harreld Smith
Garreth Smith

XX Master Falco Boffin - has gone back to the Shire
XX Laerdil (Elf) - won't be around. He's probably over the sea by now.
Cnebba - with Thinlómien

XX Athanar – off on an away adventure with Durelin’s ‘Coenred (Coen)
Halcwyn of Rohan
Wilheard Please note: Wulfric is DEAD
Cnebba - with Nogrod
Brith (short for Brithiel)

Fréa and Caranthir - 2 soldiers traveling with Brith
Fréa and Caranthir are NPCs -- freely to be used by any writer.

XX Wulfric – will not be played in this game
Haesel - the old herbs-woman - WITHDRAWN FROM GAME

Athanar’s soldiers - BALDWIC SON OF BALDWIN; FEARGHALL; SCYRR (NOT Áforglaed, who is being played by Legate of Amon Lanc)
Osmund - soldier in Eodwine's household/mentione a few times in Scarburg Meadhall thread
Fréa and Caranthir - 2 soldiers traveling with Brith


Link to Thinlómien's list of characters according to profession/attachment -- HERE

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Desultory Dwimmerlaik
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Location/Description of Meadhall/MAPS - HERE

This includes (from the original Scarburg Meadhall Discussion Thread):

Scarburg Meadhall & surrounding area
Meadhall overview
General Middle-earth overview


Useful Information about the Eorlingian/Rohirric culture


From the original Scarburg Mead Hall Discussion thread: HERE
*[includes: Anglo-Saxon culture and horses; Rohirrim-Dunlending relations; On Bailiffs, Stewards, and Almbudsmen; Medieval boy/girl stuff (“rolling in the hay”); Eorling Mead Hall & Surrounds Plan; and also includes links to -
Lords and Vassals
Oven Building
Wattle & Daub Construction
Saxon Buildings
Anglo-Saxon Occupations
Regia Anglorum (Anglo-Saxon & Viking Britain resources)
Ravensgard (Anglo-Saxon culture)
About the Rohirric language (from the Ardalambion site)]

Links to Rohan wiki-world: HERE and HERE


Other links which might be of some use:

"An Appreciation of Weather in the Lord of the Rings" - HERE

From the PBS NewsHour - Science section:
"Climate models turn the weather in Tolkien's Hobbit into science" - HERE

The Encyclopedia of Arda - Old and Rare Words Used in Tolkien's Works - HERE

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Desultory Dwimmerlaik
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Reminders for the So Far Unnamed RPG in play:
  • Please remove your signature from EVERY post to the RPG thread

  • No SAVES on the RPG thread.

  • Don't use smileys in your RPG posts or icons - e.g., etc.

  • Don't use the 'Reason for Editing' function on your RPG posts. If it's critical that other players know that you've changed something, then put a post on the Discussion Thread about your edit.

  • No OOC (out of character comments) on the RPG thread - use the Discussion Thread.

  • Swearing, sexual conduct, or obscenity of any kind are absolutely prohibited. There are no exceptions.

    . . . I always ask myself if any of these words or euphemisms for cursing would be found in Tolkien's works. So I always say no to cursing and to any 'pseudo-cursing'. They need to keep it clean. -- per The Barrow-Wight

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Illusionary Holbytla
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Breaking the ice :)

NAME: Cerwyn

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 18 year old female, from the West Emnet. (As of spring F.A. 20)

APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be): Blonde hair, green eyes, moderate height. Girl-next-door-type pretty.

(again, as brief or detailed as you wish): Leof's sister. She was only seven when her mother died and had to take on many household tasks at an extremely young age. She has been dutiful and responsible, keeping her head low so as to keep her alcoholic father's attention away from her as much as possible, though she is by nature neither shy nor quiet. After Leof left, her father grew steadily more controlling and, correspondingly, feelings of resentment and rebelliousness have slowly been growing in her - a desire to be free of the life she has grown up with. She is afraid of being married off to a suitor of her father's choice.

LINKED ~*~ Pio

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Pilgrim Soul
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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Abbreviated Character Bio Form


AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 17 years old, Rohirrim male from Upbourn in Harrowdale

APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be):
Just under sixfoot and not quite full grown but much closer to reaching his full height than full strength. Still rather gawky, not quite beardless. Dark gold hair worn short in an attempt to defeat its curls, blue eyes.

The horse he has ridden to Scarburg, Safran is a 15hh mare bright bay, quarter cob,with a large white star and one white sock (near hind leg).

(again, as brief or detailed as you wish):
Only surviving child of Elfride (Darker Days) and Theodmund who died when he was seven while serving in the guard of Eomer in one of the post-War of the Ring expeditions to the South. His younger sister Matilda took ill and died aged five. In a much larger extended family, his closest relation is his uncle Elwin who is an ambitious and successful career soldier, married to a Gondorian lady who was in the retinue of Queen Lothiriel. Currently part of the garrison of Edoras.

A somewhat reluctant warrior in training, Elfthain will inherit his father's estate at Upbourn when he is of age but in the meantime his mother is a supremely competent regent.

Elfthain spent about a year in Gondor when he was ten as a page to his Uncle who was on secondment there so he is well off, well connected and has a wider experience of the world than most yet he is diffident and rather embarrassed by his privilege and wishes above all to be accepted on his own merits.

Has far more skill with horses than weapons and regards his military training in peacetime as little more than marking time until he can take up the reins at the farm. Basically good hearted but liable to thoughtlessness he often finds negotiating the debatable land between childhood and adulthood a struggle and feels his father's absence more keenly than ever.

Abbreviated Character Bio Form


AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 39 years old, Rohirrim male currently living at Edoras.

APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be):
About 6"3 and strongly built. Strong but handsome features. Has the same dark gold hair and grey eyes as his sister but otherwise no great resemblance between them - he looks like his father while his sister favours their mother.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER Son of Eldred and Elflád. His father was a good soldier but a cold husband and father. His mother died when he was eight by which time he had already started his military career as a page. He has become a successful soldier and a significant figure at court helped by having a Gondorian wife, Gilwen. He has also spent time in Gondor. Unlike his father who was killed during the War of the Ring he is a devoted father to his large brood which currently numbers six (four girls and two boys) and uncle to Elfthain. Good natured and loyal, but has confidence bordering of arrogance and is ambitious and astute.

NAME: Elfride

AGE: Not quite 35
RACE: Rohirrim

GENDER: female

APPEARANCE: Tall (about 5"8)grey eyes, golden blonde hair prematurely showing a few threads of silver. Currently thin but not naturally or normally so but the result of the deprivation of the winter

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Elfride's naturally merry heart has been subdued by the losses she has suffered. She manages her farm and house, can handle a sword competently and a horse extremely well and as well as the usual skills appropriate to a woman of her kind (of a well established and prosperous though not noble family) she has a particular knowledge of herb lore. To those ignorant of her story her restraint and reserve can be seen as coldness. Inside she struggles with her instinct to overprotect her surviving child.


Elfride is the daughter, sister and niece of career soldiers. Her mother died when she was four and her brother already being a page and her father having little interest in girl children, she was raised by her mother's brother and his wife mostly at Edoras. Aged seventeen, she married, Theodmund, a friend and fellow officer of her brother, who took her to live on his family's farm at Upbourn which he had become heir to after his elder brother was killed in the War of the Ring.
There she bore a son, Elfthain, and a daughter Matilda. Elfride's relationship with her mother in law had a difficult start but they overcame this and Theomund's mother passed on her knowledge of healing and midwifery.
Ten years ago, Theodmund was killed on an expedition in the Southlands. Her daughter and mother in law were killed by the strange fever that had afflicted the village two years later, which was beyond her skill to heal.
She spent some time in Gondor when Elfthain was there as Elwin's page but has otherwise lived quietly on her estate and has resisted or repelled all suggestions or offers of remarriage.

LINKED ~*~ Pio
I see dead people.

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Tolkien Halcwyn of Rohan

Name: Halcwyn
Age: 30 (in 4th Age 20)
Gender: Female
Race: Mixed Rohirrim/Dunedain
Appearance: Somewhat tall and lithe with long sandy blond hair and grey eyes.
History: Born in Eriador, she first came to Rohan as a child when her mother returned to her family home near the foothills of the White Mountains by the Anborn River in Westmarch. This was where her grandparents raised horses and tended crops When they both became ill, her mother and father inherited the land, but her father being Dunedain, was not much for settling down in Rohan. So her mother tended to the place and the herd as best she could. In the year before the war, her mother passed away in her sleep, so Halcwyn and her brother inherited the land. But her brother's heart was in the north, so gave his share to his sister, making Halcwyn sole owner. Halcwyn lived there tending to the herds and fearing troubles from Dunland when the war started.


LINKED ~*~ Pio

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Nogrod's post from the Meadhall Discussion thread (#3986)

--- A spelled-out timeline of the jump from the Scarburg Meadhall storyline ---

Jumping to the present Mead Hall from late year 15 to spring 19... (only four years!!!) So this is my first version of it - and I will send it to lmp to especially add things from the POV of the Mead Hall itself and to correct / change any bad ideas I have not thought through - and to make it a more consistent narrative.

But now is the time to say your word for what happens. These could be the general outlines, but what say you?


Year 16 of the Fourth Age saw the finishing of the Mead Hall. Not all wounds were healed inside the Mead Hall but with Saeryn giving birth to twins even those discrepancies seemed to be set aside by most people for the time being. It did help the two lords seemed to get along well enough and seemed content with a kind of sharing of responsibilities. Lord Eodwine still being convalescent and a father of the newborn it was just natural lord Athanar took care of most of the things at the Mead Hall – but it seemed he was actually hearing lord Eodwine with his decisions. And that helped many original Mead Hall residents to trust him a bit more.

The summer then was far busier anyone could have expected. With king Elessar’s trip to lake Evendim all the areas under the rule of the king received a host of visitors taking their trips to areas they had never ventured as they were deemed safer with the king himself showing it was safe to take the road. The Scarburgians were even forced to build a two-storey shed for visitors who were happy with a more modest accomodation.

The local lords saw this as an opportunity to thrive and lost their interest in the Mead Hall – and the people of the Mead Hall just had no time to worry about the local lords in turn.

As the spring of year 17 of the Fourth Age came on it carried with it troublesome news. There were increasing number of reports of raids by Easterling tribesmen and groups of orcs from Wold, East Emnet and North Marches.

King Eomer wasted no time but called for a partial muster of northern and north-eastern Rohan to face the challenge. As the most senior commander of the region lord Athanar was called to lead the party of the rohirrim from Mid-Emnet – and was summoned to take most of his men with some of lord Eodwine’s soldiers as well. His sons Wulfric and Wilheard were mustered too alongside most of the local lords and their sons.

Lord Eodwine had not fully recovered but was forced to take the full responsinbility of the Mead Hall once again – with only a handful of active-duty soldiers left to defend the Mead Hall.

[A group of scattered easterlings flee away from the battle in East Emnet and will cause trouble at the Mead Hall which the deplenished Mead Hall wins?]

The riders of Riddermark did drive the scattered enemies away from the eastern parts of Rohan but before they could return more serious news were brought to Edoras. King Elessar had come back from the north and was building an army to ride north-east, to Rhûn, to fight the source of the raiders that festered the eastern borderlands of Gondor as well – and of which the raiders to northern Rohan were only a small part.

Lord Athanar and his troops were mustered with the larger call to arms and they rode beside king Eomer to the east led by the high king Elessar himself and his Gondorian army late in year 17.

In year 18 of the Fourth Age the spring came late and the northern parts of Rohan missed their first sowing. Most of the men were waging a war in the east under the banners of king Elessar of Gondor. It was a time of troubles as it was clear there wouldn’t be as much harvest this year. Many thought these were ill omens indeed.

The rohirrim came back from the war in the east in early autumn. It was a reason for some optimism and there were celebrations in the Scarburg Mead Hall as well with so many returning from the campaign – and tears wept for those who didn’t. Lord Athanar’s older son Wulfric had fallen on the last battle of the campaign. [we could add here a name or two from some soldiers we have already named from both Eodwine’s or Athanar’s men]

Lord Athanar had been rewarded by king Eomer for his bravery and leadership in the war in the East with an eorlship nearer his native lands in Edoras – and a lot more prestigious post as well. Thus king Eomer also nicely resolved the problem of the unhappy double leadership in Scarburg seeing that lord Eodwine was good enough to claim back his seat as the eorl of the Scarburg Mead Hall.

But the worst was to come. The men came back just in time to help with the second harvest and everything looked a bit better, but just after two days of harvesting the winter came. And it was just October.

With the temperatures falling well below zero for several consecutive days it was clear the rest of the harvest was not going to be resurrected. Lord Athanar decided that his people would be too many mouths to feed while not able to produce enough in return by hunting or other means, and took a large party with him back to Edoras and to his seat of eorlship, promising he would ask for king Eomer for any supplies the kingdom could send them. He left a few soldiers behind to help lord Eodwine though as the number of active duty soldiers of the Mead Hall had become thin indeed.

But then came the snow. Had lord Athanar just barely gotten away the snow filled the fields, then the forests, then the roads. The Scarburg Mead Hall was surrounded by snow – heaping over two meters where the wind stacked it outside the perimeters of the buildings of the Hall. The Mead Hall was completely isolated from the world – it was even isolated from the nearest local lords and their dwellings.

By time the snowbanks hardened and made it very hard to dig through them – but new snowstorms also kept the surface of the snow treachery so that it wasn’t every day people of Scarburg could walk on top of it either. They manged to establish a narrow path to where they had chopped wood for the buildings but there was not that much wood left.

In year 19 of the Fourth Age the winter took even firmer grip of the Mead Hall.

In February they burnt the wood of the sheds they had built just two years ago just to keep warm. They send a few soldiers to find help during sunny cold days of low temperatures in March when the snow drifts now almost three meters high around them carried a walking man – but none of them returned.

In late March the death-toll started rising when the weakness and cold did their job and exhausted those weak enough. In April they were eating bark of the trees boiled in snow by burning the logs from the upper stories of the guest wing.

In May the spring finally came. The snow melted fast with the temperatures rising above 20 C.

Five days after the sudden warming of the weather the people of the Mead Hall heard a remarkable sound from far away: something very noisy was coming through the snow.

The carts filled with food were spotted first by the kids who ran back to the hall screaming in joy. They were saved!

Leading the convoy was lord Athanar’s son Wilheard.

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